Friday, June 27, 2008

A bit of something amazing

I wish I had gotten a picture of the lake this afternoon.

It had already rained once and we decided to go out tubing again. The sky was still cloudy, but there were patches of blue and the air was warm.

We took the boat out and went skimming across the glassy water...what a delightful feeling to watch the clear green waves whoosh beneath you!

Then, across the lake it was as though a curtain of mist had fallen over the trees. I stared at it for a minute, wondering if it was fog. But the air on our side of the lake was still so clear that I realized that it must be a sheet of rain.

I have never seen such a sight. Either it is raining- or it is not. Yet here we sat in clear dry air and on the opposite shore we could see the blinding storm. Over the next five minutes as we drove into shore I watched that line of rain drive across the lake. It caught us by the heels as we dived under a pavillion for shelter.

God's creation is amazing. And water is one of my favorite parts.


cuileann said...

Wow. :D That does sound incredible.

Ma'antikvah said...

Sounds beautiful...