Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Virtual Sacra Cor's 6 month anniversary...

Over on the Fairy Tale Novel Forum, Lady Rose pointed out that it is just about six months since we started the very popular "virtual order of Knights and Ladies of the Sacra Cor."

The Sacra Cor is one of the dorms of the fictional Mercy College, the main setting of Regina Doman's book "Waking Rose." The guys who inhabit it are a hilarious mixture of knights, ninjas, chivalry and random craziness. In honor of this amazing group we fans created our own online version of the order.

In true Sacra Cor tradion, we have covered everything from Chivalry to Piracy, with trebuchets, Jane Austen, and the exact location of the Midwest thrown in.

In honor of this anniversary, Lady Rose typed up a list of all the topics we've covered, and I'm posting them here of an example of the fun we have over on the forum...

the traditional roles of men and women
armour/weaponschivalry/manhoodSacra Cor guys
The Rebelution
Ladies uplifting Knights
Elvish names
Maidens wielding swords/self defense
Lecturing at Mass (reading the readings)
guns vs. swords
Master Xavier vs Rob in fist fight
The wisdom of wearing cloaks while sword fighting
modern weapons
Women leaders
What should boys work on?
Dream husbands
Good qualities in a lady
difference between boys and girls
getting boys on the forum
Master Xavier's infamous boyfriend suggestion
getting married at a young age
Braveheart/El Cid/Gladiator
Pirates of the Caribbean (Will IS NOT a pirate!)
Orlando Bloom
Misspelling Tolkiens name
Japanese movies
Chivalry in Jane Austen
Emma (different movie versions)
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Smeagol impersonations
conspirecy theories (Operation Cupcake!)
Doing Hard Things
Sacra Cor Group/our own Mercy Collage
frilly shirts
Paul Xaviers's fiancees/dying his hair
Prince Caspian
taking things lightly or seriously
ILCHC/meeting Regina Doman
Having a fan get together
Accents or non-accents
What is the Midwest?


Master Paul Xavier said...

Wow...made the list three times!

Elenatintil said...

I know! You are entirely too popular, little brother! ;)

Lady Rose said...

Very popular, maybe to popular for your own good?

LOL, aren't we so much fun?

Delaney said...

I never know what to post, but I'm very happy to say that I recognize most of the topics on that list, so I DO follow along! :D It's such a great thread.