Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've been tagged!

Well- I've been tagged! (And Delaney, this is my first time too! Thanks!)

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Who’s your all-time favorite author and why?
Ouch. I always find this a terrible question to answer. *sigh* I usually go with a three way split between Lewis-Tolkien-Austen. Although if I had to choose I'd probably have to pick C.S. Lewis.

Who was your first favorite author and why?
Okay...C.S. Lewis was also a very early favorite. However I would have to say that one of my first favorites was probably the author of the Boxcar Children- or else the Mandie Books. I devoured those when I was young. (No, I wouldn't consider either of those to be favorites now. The Mandie books especially are just poorly written)

Who is your newest favorite author?
Regina Doman. Her books are amazing- and so true. More than any other books they really represent who I am and what I like to read.

If someone asked you who your favorite authors were right now, which authors would first pop out of your mouth?
Besides those named above, I would also mention: Bodie and Brock Thoene, Liz Curtis Higgs, Robin McKinley, Alexandre Dumas, and...welll....any combination of the authors listed on the right of this screen!

Now I'm going to tag Paul, Clare, Josh, Isaac, and Maantikvah if she has time before she leaves. (I know that's only five, but Delaney already tagged Grace and Lady Rose.)

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Mamselle Duroc said...

Thanks for tagging me, Elena! I've put my entry up on my blog.