Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beauty and the Beast Costumes- Update 3

Here is the promised update! They aren't all the best, because they're not all being worn, but you can see some of what we're doing. Below we have our Beauty and our Beast (faces blurred because of my personal blog policy) in the blue dress you've already seen, as well as the tunic we made for our Beast. (Yes, that's his real hair. Aren't dreadlocks awesome?)
Below is our project in process of the dress for our "Pepper." She comes out and does a Tango with our salt. We're combining two already existing dresses and it's a bit tricky...but I think the end result will be lovely! (By we I mean myself, as designer, and my team of moms and friends who are generously contributing their time to come and sew/cut/iron/paint, whatever. I could never actually do all this work myself)
Below- a better look at the Beast's tunic. I wanted an antique lace look, so we took the crocheted lace off a bedsheet and used it for the trim. Much more manly than the delicate stuff that you'll see on the girl's dresses.
Here is an example of an already existing dress that we repaired and "spruced up." We gathered the bottom of the skirt to create the lovely drapes and we will be adding a petticoat to the bottom.
Gold= Salt cap, silver= Pepper cap. We're actually adding more to these- they're not quite done yet.
Fabric for the Beast's vest and coat. We had quite a debate over whether to use the lighter or darker fabric, but in the end the dark won. (My preferance, so I'm quite happy. We may spray a bit of gold paint on it to give it a shimmer, though)
Pieces of Mrs. Pott's costume!
We're making six of these aprons and matching mob caps for our "silly girls" (the girls who have crushes on Gaston). It's slipperly fabric, so more work than you might expect. (I've actually had to do nothing beyond direction and design so far on these particular pieces- that may change, but it's been lovely to have such capable helpers!)
A somewhat blurry picture of Lumiere's coat. We added the cuffs, and now I have to add a white panal and color to the front, with some more of the gold ribbon.
And the work continues!!!


Cuileann said...

The Beast has dreads? How perfect!

The Mrs. Potts costume and Lumiere coat look so cool...

MJ said...

wow those are amazing Elena. I love Belle's dress

Elisabeth said...

Those are beautiful! Can't wait to see them finished. How I'd love to costume a musical...