Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Week in Review

Sometimes I think I have no life outside of a computer. Well, this week proved that that isn't true, although I certainly did do a lot of writing/blogging/chatting, etc. (yay for chatting at 2:00 in the morning. It's crazy and fun!)

Mostly I've been busy with Beauty and the Beast costumes. We open in less than two weeks, so the tension is definetely mounting! I'm going to be sewing three days next week, and who knows how many the week after that!!!

Our cast did take a break on Thursday night to run over and watch another community theatre's production of the same show. They were a very high-quality production, with amazing sets and costumes (Their silverware was shiney!!!). And guess what? They're going to let us borrow some of the pieces! Like Cogsworth's costume and the shiney silverware! Hurrah! Don't get me wrong, I love making costumes, but when you're this short on time you're happy to get any "boosts" you can!

Otherwise, it was great to just see the show performed live. I have never seen it on stage before, so it was nice to see how they did their blocking, sets, costumes, etc. They had a great Belle, and a fantastic Babette, a fairly good Gaston, and a Beast who had evidently been directed to walk with a rather amusing lumbering walk. It was a really fun experiance.

And then last night we were busy with a surprise for my dad (work-related) which is why I was away from the internet for 24 hours. Wow. It's sad that even that amount of time can seem like a tragedy to me. But then, I think I have a rather valid excuse. With my hearing loss, the internet is the most practical way for me to communicate with the outside world.

And now, before you all think I'm a lazy couch potato (I'm not! I make costumes and have a job nannying!) I'm going to go outside or something...

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