Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Lost Longbottom

Normally I avoid fanfiction...I wrote quite a bit of it in high school, and found it helpful to developing some writing skills, but now I try to focus on more productive and professional projects.

Recently, however, my friend Megan and I have both been enjoying Harry Potter- books, movies, etc. While I tend to go the more traditional route in which characters I enjoy (and the deeper meanings, etc), Meg is a diehard Cedric Diggory fan. And, unfortunately, there just isn't much in the way of fanfiction for Mr. Diggory that is not perverted by slash.

So, as an early birthday present for Meg (which is no surprise to her) I am writing her a Hogwarts story, with Cedric as an important (though not main) character, and exploring the somewhat interesting concept of the Neville Longbottom implication of the Prophecy. We know he's not important...but do the Death Eaters? And what if they're completely mistaken and end up with Neville's twin sister instead?

So, without further comment, I am presenting a fanfic for your enjoyment- which I sincerely hope is better written than the majority of fan fics out there. The Lost Longbottom.

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Minisinoo said...

If your friend is a big fan of Cedric and she doesn't already know about it, may I point you/her towards my rec page for a WHOLE lotta Cedric stories? There is some screening in the process, so there's nothing here that's horrid. :-)