Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blog Reviews

For awhile I've been wanting to do a series of posts on the differant links I have on the side of my blog. I have my links up for a reason, but without some sort of description I know that you, my readers, can't really appreciate them.

So for this post, I'm going to do a brief intro to each of the blogs that I link to. I don't necessarily always agree with everything on the blogs, but they are nearly always interesting, informative and appropriete. (Or they will caution you if there is something to be aware of).

I'm going to go down the list in the order that they are currently displayed- which means that whoever posted most recently gets to go first!
This is the blog of prominent film critic, Jeffrey Overstreet. He has been writing movie reviews for Christianity Today for many years, and his book "Through a Screen Darkly" is used in many college classrooms (including my intro to film course). He is thoughtful, well educated in film critique and his opinions are usually worth reading (although sometimes I disagree with them) and his almost daily feature "The Browser" is where I get a LOT of information about upcoming films.
Actually, I got this link through one of Regina Doman's articles. This is a Harry Potter-based blog run by a Christain, which makes it a great source for those of us wanted to dig deeper into the theology behind the series. I've only just started reading his posts, but have enjoyed it so far.

Regina Doman's Updates
I suspect that most of you already visit this, but for those who don't, this is the personal blog of one of my favorite authors, Regina Doman. She links to articles about and by her, includes updates on her writing, and sometimes just plain interesting facts about her life. As her forum administrator I've been mentioned on there once or twice, so that's another reason to read it...(*wink wink*)

My Spare Oom
Grace, my forum *niece* is a new blogger and therefore her blog is still evolving it's identity. She has a delightful sense of humor and sweetness and I look forwards to reading more from her!

Lady of the Rose
Lady Rose, my forum *sister* has been blogging longer than I have, and is pretty similar in what she writes. She does, however, have a great interest in the American Civil War and the Catholic saints and often does informative posts on both.

The Time When Lilies Blow
Mamselle Duroc, also from the forum (though no relation yet) is an extremely thoughtful young lady with a love for all things vintage. Her blog often sports a picture of one of the lovely actresses from the old days of Cinema, and like me she enjoys writing up book reviews. Her most recent project is poetry memorization, which means that she's been sharing some very beautiful poetry with us over the last few weeks.

Delaney, my forum *daughter* (one of the more responsible ones!) has most recently been keeping us updated on her theatrical adventures! I'm looking forwards to some more Shakespeare-based posts from her, since she has recently professed a great interest in him...(hint hint nudge nudge!)

Sarah's Journal
Sarah Beth Durst is an author I've recently discovered and intend to keep my eye on. Her first book, "Into the Wild" was worthy of a review from me, and I have her next book "Out of the Wild" on hold at the library. One of the highlights of her blog are her occasional sarcastic and hilarious commentaries on obscure fairy-tales.

My dear friend RJ is currently sailing in Greece, which makes her blog a fountain of information and adventure. Plus, of course, hilarious and entertaining stories about the differant people she is meeting along the way...and the way God continues to speak to her.

The Fellowship of the FT Forum
I don't think I need to say much about this one- I've done two posts about it in the past!

Paul, my forum *brother* runs this blog, which contains Catholic commentary on life, theology and the arts. Of course, it can get a bit silly sometimes, but that's Paul. The blogstaff is currently going through a rather difficult time, since they lost their fellow writer and good friend Marc to a tragic accident two weeks ago. Please keep them in your prayers! (And watch the beautiful and touching video tribute on Paul's blog)

Danceler's Prince Caspian Costumes
DeLancy, a friend from Narniaweb, has recently announced her decision to revive her thread with the intention of doing posts on non-narnian projects. I am delighted and eagerly looking forwards to hearing more from her, since she is a talented seamstress and I have recieved much inspiration from her!

Isaac is a beginning blogger, and a good writer for his age. I'm looking forwards to watching his blog develop as he continues to write on it!

Josh's Thoughts Blog
Josh is another good real-life friend of mine who is fairly new to the blogosphere. His posts are nearly always worth reading, though he doesn't update nearly as well as I'd like. Like me, he is a budding film director and critic and brings unique and insightful perspectives to his posts on film and faith.

And I believe that's all for now, folks! I'm hoping to do another post about my weblinks and book list as well!

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Raewyn said...

I do? Oh, Elena! *blushes* *hugs her* You're such a wonderful aunt!

I'll try and update more... it's hectic sharing a computer with seven other people! *blows kisses*

You read my mind! I'd planned on doing a post about my favorites, I'll have to do that soon. Know you, Mamma Rose, Delaney and Paul and Carpe are at the top of my lists! *sighs* I love my family!

Your loving niece,