Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides -- Trailer Play-by-Play

So the busyness of life has kept me from commenting on the new trailer for POTC4 that came out last week. However I now bring you a play by play of my reactions...

...however you'll see that I'm severely limited by not having captions here, as I have pretty much no idea what anyone is saying. So if you know of or wouldn't mind typing up a quick transcript of the lines, I'd be eternally grateful!

0:11 -- a skeleton in front of a ship. Creepy -- and new. I don't think I've ever seen that one used before?

0:20 -- Penelope Cruz!

0:22 -- Barbossa looking... very un-Barbossa with a new hat and fancy clothes. He's supposed to be a privateer working for the Crown in this film... too bad he lost his cool pirate clothes for the ice cream cone look.

0:29 -- and Jack is sitting in a nice fancy room for the first time in the franchise... talking to someone high up. The King?

0:32 -- why does London always look gray in period films? The industrial revolution hadn't really started yet, so some sunlight would be cool... but otherwise it's a nice shot.

0:33 -- they're dragging Jack? Who dares to DRAG Jack? ... okay and why is he in London in the first place? Looking for Barbossa to get the map to the Fountain of Youth? Would having a transcript enlighten me at all here?

0:34 -- Gibbs is back! Hurrah!!!! :) :) :)

0:37 -- eww, wading through THAT really does not look like fun.

0:38 -- Capt'n Teague is back!

0:42 -- HAHAHA! The look on Jack and Barbossa's faces...and they're facing a swarm of angry soldiers, as usual.

0:47 -- oooh, finally a decent pirate peg leg in the series! (This is Blackbeard, right? right?)

0:49 -- Who are the fancy Brit dudes? Anyone important? What is Barbossa saying? I want a transcript...

0:50 -- Ooooooh... mermaids! With long floating gauze all around them... or are those some weird sort of fins???

0:51 -- okay, that girl is PRETTY! Who is she? A mermaid, right? She looks forlorn and distressed. How does she play into the story?

0:53 - Penelope Cruz again! Oh isn't she great? The way she talks... the expression... the hat! Love her.

0:58 -- Jack and Penelope (her character has got a name but no one cares about it yet) arguing!

1:02 -- HA! Never shut the door on a woman, Jack. Especially not an angry one.

1:07 -- this cave looks very intriguing. The slant of it is just... very visually interesting.

1:08 -- okay, those hands are beyond creepy.

1:12 -- and of course here come the evil seductive mermaids...

1:13 -- are these the zombies? Cuz they're disgusting, but not nearly disgusting as most zombies are.

1:16 -- Ian McShane as Blackbeard! Huzzah!

1:16b -- someone jumps overboard with a rope tied to him. Diving after someone?

1:19-- guy with rope comes back up. Huh? It looked like it was in response to Blackbeard's commanding posture. Is that just a deceiving trailer edit, or does Blackbeard have mystical powers?

1:21 -- Ian McShane talking... oh man, the guy is just so awesome!

1:22 -- scary knife thudding into table.

1:23 -- is it just me, or does this young guy look like Will Turner 2.0? At any rate, he's cute and I wonder if he's just a random face or someone who will actually play a significant role in the story?

1:24 -- and of course they follow cute young guy by cute young girl that I commented on earlier, which of course leads me to link them together in my mind and wonder if there's a romance here. But question -- this young girl was pretty obviously a mermaid earlier, right? So how is she on dry land now, in properly dressed clothes? Well, whoever she is, she really is intriguing me here!

1:25 -- scary mermaid attack!

1:27 -- oh Jack... it's so funny when you scream like a little girl.

1:30 -- "Is that it?" (that's what he said, right?) Oh so awesome!

1:35 -- Jack doing his usual tipsy... on top of a moving carriage. Guess that's new.

1:38 -- Penelope Cruz kicks butt! Yehaw!

1:40 -- whoa... that's either a jet engine, a double explosion, or dual fireballs...

1:47 -- awwww, I just love the Jack/Penelope Cruz pairing already... *sighs happily*

1:50 -- okay, the hat tip was a cute move.

1:53 -- Am I not already enough of a Jack/Penelope shipper that you had to put more cool pairing stuff in???

1:54 -- more evil seductive mermaids.

1:58 -- so quick I can barely catch it, but I think it's the cute young guy and gal again... and there's a trapped-in-flooding-room component.

2:04 -- HAHAA -- Jack hanging from a chandelier!

Overall this trailer makes me even more excited for the film. But I really, really want to know what they're saying!

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David said...

Great post, I concur with a lot of your reactions there. :) I was also looking for a transcript, and found this site that might be helpful: Pirates Wikia. That page is a list of all Jack Sparrow's quotes (including those in the trailer for the new movie), but you can also find quotes for a bunch of other characters on the site.

Not a full transcript, but at least you can find what each character says!