Saturday, May 7, 2011

Doctor Who: Day of the Moon

How do you keep count of how many aliens are invading earth when you can't remember them? Simple. While you're looking at them, you make a tally mark on your skin. Then, when you look away, you'll still have visible proof that they exist. And if the marks start randomly appearing, say, by the dozens while you're in a creepy abandoned orphanage, you know that you're probably surrounded by them.

And what if you can't remember what they look like? Embed a recording system in your hand and record a verbal description while you're looking at the creatures. It'll blink when you're done recording, so when you look away from the aliens you will see the blinking light and know to listen to your messages.

Am I making sense so far? Good. Because those are just about the only two facts that are absolutely clear in "Day of the Moon." Beyond that, all I can really say are questions.

Is Amy Pregnant or Isn't she?

Who is the little girl? Why did she have to live in the space suit? How is she a Time Lord?

Why did the Silence kidnap Amy? Why did they tell her "You will bring the Silence?"

And if the Silence are aliens, what does the phrase mean "Silence will Fall?"

Why were Amy, Rory and River running around for three months chased by the FBI?

Why was the Doctor a Prisoner?

There's no way the Silence are gone for good. How will they come back? Why did the Doctor brush off everything so quickly?

Over the past week I have discussed and read SO many theories regarding all of this. I was going to compile them all here but...

My theory? The little girl is Amy and Rory's baby, and she became a Time Lord because of Amy's exposure to the the crack in her wall and the Tardis. I think there is also a pretty decent chance that the little girl is River Song.

I'm also still not entirely convinced that the Silence are Evil.

I was furious that the writers decided to torture poor Rory some more. Hasn't he gone through enough? Brilliant, though, that they referenced his time as a Roman.

All around very good acting in this episode. Karen Gillian especially! I loved her costume for the orphanage scene.

Most heartbreaking moment? When River Song realized that this was her last kiss with the Doctor. And not a very amazing kiss at that. Poor River!

Now... who is ready for some Pirates tonight? :)

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