Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Doctor's Wife



We knew from the first there was a pretty solid chance that the title was metaphorical. However I don't think the reveal was at all a let down. After all, it was such a unique chance! The Tardis talks! And walks! And... kisses. Or bites. Or whatever.

I think this is an episode that is really going to grow on me. Unlike the first two, which are very plot driven, and the last one, which was very cheesy and light, this one really is (as Neil Gaiman put it) a "Love Letter to the Fans". It's full of in references and deep emotions that will make it an episode worth watching again and again.

It was wonderful to see the Tardis as a woman. Full of life, humor and wit, perhaps the most delightful and poignant revelation was that she "stole the Doctor." How touching is that? And who wasn't misty-eyed at the end of the episode?

(Plus, who didn't squeal when we got to spend a bit of time in David Tennent's console? WIN!)

Only downside of this episode? The Doctor destroyed the pool. NO! NOT THE POOL!

(Well, and Rory died again. But only for about thirty seconds so I am holding off on the assassination order.)

Favorite Quotes

Rory: What is this place? The Scrapyard at the End of the Universe?
The Doctor: Not end of. Outside of.
Rory: How can we be outside the Universe? The Universe is everything.
The Doctor: Imagine a great big soap bubble with one of those tiny little bubbles on the outside.
Rory: Okay.
The Doctor: Well it's nothing like that.

Idris: Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Yes that's it. Names are funny. It's me. I'm the TARDIS.
The Doctor: No you're not! You're a bitey mad lady. The TARDIS is up-and-downy stuff in a big blue box.
Idris: Yes, that's me. A type 40 TARDIS. I was already a museum piece when you were young. And the first time you touched my console, you said—
The Doctor: I said you were the most beautiful thing I'd ever known.
Idris: Then you stole me. And I stole you.
The Doctor: I borrowed you.
Idris: Borrowing implies the eventual intention to return the thing that was taken. What makes you think I would ever give you back

Idris: You're the Doctor. Focus.
The Doctor: On what?! How? I'm a mad man with a box without a box. I'm stuck down the Plughole at the End of the Universe in a stupid old junkyard! Oh.
Idris: Oh what?
The Doctor: No, I'm not.
Idris: Not what?
The Doctor: 'Cause it's not a junkyard. Don't you see it's not a junkyard?
Idris: What is it then?
The Doctor: It's a TARDIS junkyard. Come on!

The Doctor: Oo. Sorry. Do you have a name?
Idris: Seven hundred years, finally he asks.
The Doctor: And what do I call you?
Idris: I think you call me... Sexy.
The Doctor: Only when we're alone.
Idris: We are alone.
The Doctor: Oh. Come on then, Sexy.

The Doctor: Yes. Yes, I have actually rebuilt a TARDIS before, you know. I know what I'm doing.
Idris: You're like a nine-year-old trying to rebuild a motorbike in his bedroom. And you never read the instructions.
The Doctor: I always read the instructions.
Idris: There's a sign on my front door. You have been walking past it for seven hundred years. What does it say?
The Doctor: That's not instructions!
Idris: There's an instruction at the bottom. What does it say?
The Doctor: "Pull to open."
Idris: Yes, and what do you do?
The Doctor: I push!
Idris: Every single time. Seven hundred years. Police box doors open out the way.

The Doctor: You know, since we're talking with mouths—not really an opportunity that comes along very often—I just want to say, you know you have never been very reliable.
Idris: And you have?
The Doctor: You didn't always take me where I wanted to go.
Idris: No, but I always took you where you needed to go.
The Doctor: You did.

Idris: Do you ever wonder why I chose you all those years ago?
The Doctor: I chose you. You were unlocked.
Idris: Of course I was. I wanted to see the Universe so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away. And you were the only one mad enough.

The Doctor: What do you think, dear? Huh? Where should we take the kids this time?
Amy: Look at you pair. It's always you and her isn't it? Long after the rest of us have gone. A boy and his box off to see the universe.
The Doctor: Well you say that as if it's a bad thing. But honestly it's the best thing there is.

The Doctor: The House deleted all the bedrooms. I should probably make you two a new bedroom. You'd like that wouldn't you?
Amy: Okay. Um. Doctor, this time could we lose the bunkbeds?
The Doctor: No! Bunk beds are cool. A bed. With a ladder. You can't beat that.

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