Monday, May 30, 2011

Editing till my eyes blur


It's nose to the grindstone and wearing my fingers to the bone (to borrow some cliches) as I arrive at the last nine days of editing. Picture lock has to be final by the evening of June 9th (and earlier would SO be better).

Vegas shut down on me constantly yesterday so I got almost nothing done, but after running various updates and clean-ups and letting it rest over night, everything seems fairly functional today. So who knows?

I did get the climax scene finished, which has been freaking me out for ages because we filmed it across three different days and we never had all three actors on set at the same time. However for the most part it looks REALLY good. Oh the magic of editing!

Shout-out to my Logitech wireless mouse that one of our dear friends bought me. I LOVE it. It works great! I've been using it for all editing and the battery hasn't died yet. So if you're looking for a mouse, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Oh and while I'm at it, Logitech also has a mono-speaker that I would recommend as well. I got mine at a garage sale for five bucks and the sound is absolutely amazing.

Also, we've finally determined a premiere time and date. You can find out more details at the movie website.


Anonymous said...

God bless you on all your hard work. I'm really excited to see the movie but unfortunatly won't be able to come to the premeire. So I was wondering is it possible to pre-order a copy? And thank you for doing this movie at all. I know at least two people on the east cost are looking forward to it.

Mary said...

Didn't know you were working on this as well. You are one busy young lady! :) You can do it!