Thursday, May 26, 2011

X-Men: First Class --- what does it look like now?

No Spoilers here! You're safe to keep reading!

Yesterday I went on a major spree of watching XMFC clips and reading reviews. Not that I haven't been keeping up (I consistently catch errors in Comicvine's "Character Profiles" for this movie which should indicate that I'm reading even more interviews than they are), but yesterday it seemed the deluge really began. One website actually had 20 minutes of behind the scene footage. Since I'm hard of hearing and can't hear the lines anyhow, it was only about half as spoiler-y for me as it was for everyone else. But even that really showed me that this movie is looking to be good.

What? I'm saying this after all of my naysaying?

Well, keep in mind, I've always said I believe it should be a fairly good movie. You know, production values wise. It's got a solid director, some REALLY good actors and from all we've seen the script looks well-written (if not really in the least accurate).

Recent reviews have reinforced all of this --- in fact, they've been almost unanimously raving. Several have even said that despite the weird line-up and timeline mess-ups, the script actually works around these issues very well -- which was more than I ever expected to hear.

So now I'm getting excited. A part of me wonders if FOX deliberately did a campaign of "let's make it look awful so that everyone will be stunned by how good it actually is."

At the top I said this review was going to be spoiler free. That's because there is SO much I could say, but I don't want to assume that you all want to be spoiled. If you want links to some of the spoiley stuff, or want me to do a post of spoilers, let me know in the comments.

Otherwise --- 7 days and counting down! ;)

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