Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's a Fairy Tale Heroine Day

I don't mean "Happily Ever After" sort of fairy tale where you ride off with your prince into the sunset. I mean a day full of little trials, adventures and coincidences that are quite common to fairy tale heroines.

  • Left Skype at midnight telling my friends I had to do a Cinderella and leave. - Cinderella
  • Last dream of the night involved lots of little animals who were crazy about me. - Snow White 
  • Had trouble waking up. - Sleeping Beauty
  • Friend made a picture of me and her that unintentionally looked like "Snow White and Rose Red." - Rose Red (Which Disney needs to make a movie of. ASAP.)
  • Singing. Constantly. - Every Disney Heroine under the sun. 
  • Made quite the tasty breakfast. - Tiana
  • Completely unmanageable hair. - Rapunzel
  • Nose stuck in a book. - Belle/Beauty
  • Surveyed all of my stuff, and though I think it's quite a neat collection, my parents want to clean it out. - Little Mermaid
  • Cleaned up the ashes from the fireplace and got rather dirty. - Cinderella

And it's only 2:00 in the afternoon! I wonder what other escapades the rest of the day will hold...

And yes, okay, fine, these are all pretty ordinary occurrences, but a normal day seems so much more interesting when you look for the literary connections. 

Any fairy tale allusions in your life today?

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