Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear Fellow Writers

Consider this your daily reminder to BACK UP YOUR WORK.

Jumpdrive. E-mail. External server/harddrive. DO IT.

Once a week is NOT enough. You need to back up your work EVERY TIME YOU WRITE.

There is no way to know for sure that your computer won't crash tomorrow. That your harddrive won't burn out. That a virus won't wipe everything clean.

I e-mail my files to myself after each writing session. I keep using the same message over and over again, so everything is neatly together and in proper chronological order. What is your favorite/suggested method?


Anonymous said...

SugarSync + External Drive. If you're tech savvy get a network drive. I work with Geek Squad and I can't begin to tell you how many horror stories I have about people losing priceless family photos, all of their important work documents etc...

In some cases getting that data back is hundreds of dollars and that price easily goes above 1000 dollars.

Thanks for bringing up this point. I can't begin to tell you how important it is for everyone with a computer or tablet to do daily backups.

Emily said...

There is nothing more devastating than losing your work!!! Have you ever used an online dropbox (i.e. dropbox.com)? They are very convenient, and the file on your computer is instantly saved to the internet. It is very reassuring and has helped in my screenwriting endeavors!!


Shaylynn said...

I have an external portable harddrive that I save everything on. Our computer's harddrive is pretty small, so for backup for pictures and graphic work I zip up a month's worth of files and put that smaller file onto the computer's harddrive. That won't be able to continue for much longer, though, because I've almost filled up my alloted space on the drive.
A flashdrive is my backup for documents.

Dad just bought a network drive thingamabobber that connects to all our devices. Once it's set up I should be able to put files on there for backup.

*runs off to backup the files she hasn't backed up in a week...*

Maria said...

I have a WD back-up drive (external hard drive, basically) which does the backing up without me telling it to. It also saves as many versions of the piece as I tell it to so that if I liked the old version better but lost it, I can just go into the drive and find it. It's been wonderfully helpful.
Also, every few months all the computers in my house are backed up to a huge external hard drive which is then stored off-site in the case of a fire or something which would make our external hard drives (the ones in the house) rather pointless.

Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

blogging my writings

blogger is my back up

it is also an opportunity for some to preview before a novel is ready and praying it won't be or that I'll change my mind about sth

I cd of course also keep a secret blog, but I do so for one story which is not getting on at all. And hasn't since I wrote the first post (which wasn't really a chapter even, but a "mindmap" sort of thing).