Monday, March 26, 2012

Let Us Not Forget, Words Are Powerful!

So many people online use their words to tear down and hurt. To make fun of, to belittle, to destroy.

Why? Is it really worth the time to throw a mean sentence at someone you’ve never met? When the hurt is only going to make someone feel hurt or depressed?

 Kindness doesn’t cost anything - except perhaps one’s pride. And usually it ends up reaping the reward of kindness in return - if not from the person who you’re mad at, at least from others who are inspired and touched by your ability to rise above a situation and give love instead of hate in return.

 A smile, politeness, a word of love - these things are the greatest gift you could ever give, no matter how undeserved they are. And isn’t the whole point of a gift that it’s undeserved?

 I’m not perfect, but I am striving to be an example. It’s really, really hard sometimes, but I find that it is incredibly worth it and my life is generally much better when I speak with love and courtesy

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