Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Great Quest of Books and Armchairs

Six months ago when I got sick and had to leave college, my parents were the ones who had to box everything up and take it off to storage. I was 3.5 hours away and so pretty much was only able to say stuff like "all my clothes, all my jewelry, the shelf with the Tolkien, the shelf with Harry Potter, the shelf with Jane Austen" and then they brought home about a forth of my books and everything else went into storage.

Today, having finally gotten well enough and sorted out enough space to bring some books back, Dad and I went over to the storage unit. Although we'd had a lot of my stuff in there for nearly six months now, I'd been too sick and then too busy to get over there myself. It was really quite nice, although I did remark to Dad as we drove in "I feel like I'm on Storage Wars!"

Dad kept warning me that I wasn't going to have enough room for everything, but I pooh poohed this because I'd made everything fit in my last room, so I mean, c'mon.

Well... I own a lot of books. Probably around 500 at this point, I'm not sure. So we started opening up boxes and I said things like "oh... this one I don't need right now..." and "Oh it's my classics! I missed you!!!"

My father was extremely patient and didn't make any comments on this and was quite wonderful about lifting the heavy stuff. We brought home about seven boxes of books.

Then we went over to check out the grand opening of our new "Home Goods" store. We were in quest of a good arm chair for reading and writing, because I desperately needed one especially as I'm pretty much confined to the house these days due to the chronic health stuff.

The place was a madhouse. It seems like everyone in our area had decided to check out the grand opening and stuff was flying off the shelves. The store had a really good inventory though, and I was able to test out a lot of chairs in search of the perfect one. I'd been properly spoiled by the big cushy chairs at Caribou Coffee and wanted to find something similar.

We did find a chair fairly quickly. I then spent about an hour sitting on it while we waited for mum to arrive with the bigger car and the employees to figure out the computer system so that we could actually buy the chair and take it home.

Thankfully the chair was really comfy and the employees were very nice -- even though it took about five of them plus the manager to figure out the computer system. Apparently it's new and they are the first store to implement it or something.

So now I have my chair (just in time to sit on it for Once Upon a Time tonight!) and my books (my babies!!!) so I'm quite happy. But yes, it was all quite a bit of an adventure.

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