Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Doctor and the Avacado Companion

Head Writer Steven Moffat and new Doctor Who Companion Jenna-Louise Coleman
Ever since they announced that Amy and Rory would be leaving in Season 7 of new Who, we started speculating on who the new Companion would be. There were hopes for River Song as a full time companion, or the return of Jenny, the Doctor's Daughter. Many people hoped for Craig or perhaps a reincarnation of Romana. Sophia Myles was either a good bet or a red herring after cryptic tweets emerged between her and Moffat. 

I personally hoped for something slightly different from the show's norm. A male companion, perhaps, or a very young one, or one of a non-white ethnicity. Although I would have loved Myles, and was also excited by the rumor that Downton Abbey's Jessica Findlay might be in the running. 

I'm not disappointed by Jenna-Louise, however. She's 25, so hopefully she'll be written as very much an adult and not a teen (although it could still happen, she's so short and sweet faced that she looks younger than she is). And although she's not my Downton Abbey girl, she IS however in another Julian Fellowes historical drama, the Titanic Miniseries. 

She also rather adorably won many fans over by her admission that when she recieved the part - 
“I was in Marks and Spencers holding an avocado, having a debate about what goes best in an salmon salad.”
Doctor Who fans love food jokes - just try mentioning bananas, apples, or fish custard! Jenna is now officially the Avacado Companion.

As for who she is going to play? We don't know much. Moffat said: 

“It’s not often the Doctor meets someone who can talk even faster than he does, but it’s about to happen. Jenna is going to lead him his merriest dance yet. And that’s all you’re getting for now. Who she’s playing, how the Doctor meets her, and even where he finds her, are all part of one of the biggest mysteries the Time Lord ever encounters. Even by the Doctor’s standards, this isn’t your usual boy meets girl.” 

I'm sure there will be plenty of speculation about her character between now and Christmas, when she'll debut in the Christmas Special. Before then we still have half a season of Amy and Rory left to enjoy! 

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Anastasia said...

She is 25? I guessed her to be 18 at the youngest! It will be an interesting change for Doctor Who, I guess :)