Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fairyland continued

Winter Fairyland photoshoot proceeded swimmingly! Well, icily. I layered up under my hoopskirt, but there wasn't much I could do for my hands and head, not if I wanted the costume to show! So we darted indoors in when we got really cold and warmed up, then back into the cold.

Want to see our pictures? I've picked my favorites and posted them over on my sewing blog. You can find them here!

I'm not sharing my sister's pictures to protect her privacy, but she looked absolutely gorgeous as well, an elvish snow maiden! Do you ever do themed photoshoots?

In other news, fairyland has vanished in the mists of leap year, and we're back to soggy, drippy, bleak March. Thankfully that soggy drippyness means that it's at least warm, even if it's terribly gray. I hope the weather where you are is slightly happier - I hear it was 60 degrees in Chicago yesterday!

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