Friday, March 25, 2011

Books, weddings, writing and geekdom (not to mention a revolution)

The lovely thing about getting well is being able to... you know, do things. Like actually leave the house! Not that I'm completely recovered because I'm not, but I've got more energy than I have since Christmas and that is a major blessing!

Last week a friend and I went to the local Irish pub to celebrate St. Patrick's day. It was a blast! The pub was completely packed with celebrators -- we likened the crush to a concert. I felt sorry for the bartenders, but otherwise it was a pretty cool experience!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my library? Because I really, really do. We just got a big beautiful new one. It's light and airy and has dozens of corners with comfy chairs to curl up in, and wonderful computer stations, and a huge selection of books... and it also has some great meeting rooms. My new D&D group discovered that we can meet for up to two hours in one of the library meeting rooms for free. Not long enough for a full game, but it's still fun to utilize!

On Friday I got a message from one of my oldest friends. He's getting married this spring and he and his fiance would like me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding! I am absolutely thrilled! (I also get to design and sew my own dress. WIN!)

Tuesday was cold, rainy and dreary. I couldn't bear to stay cooped up, so I hauled my laptop over to a local coffee shop and wrote for about five hours. It was heavenly. I got the comfy chair right next to the fireplace and pounded out an entire chapter in my latest novel. I also was able to talk to a young lady who works at the shop that I've been getting to know. She gave me the info for her church and I think I'm going to check it out (I need to find a new one). Also, the guy sitting in the chair across from me heard me talking about my book and we struck up a conversation. That's what a coffee shop should be, you know? Like in the old days of the enlightenment, when thinkers and revolutionaries sat in cafe`s exchanging great ideas.

Speaking of the Enlightenment, yesterday I got to see part of my sister's drama practice for "A Tale of Two Cities." Primarily I got to see a bit of the courtroom scene, with Madam Defarge and Lucy Manette/Darnay doing their bits of drama. It was wonderful!

I also hooked up with a friend and we went out for supper, then poked around in the local comic book shop. We had to laugh because there was some sort of game going on and ALL the players were guys. We only spotted ONE other girl in the entire store. C'mon, girl geeks! Don't be shy. Get out of hiding! Be proud of your interests! ;)

We didn't actually buy any comics at that shop through. Instead we went over to the Half-Price books and I picked up a whole handful of comics for less than $9.00. That made me happy...

Don't get me wrong, I like staying home too. On Wednesday I hung out with my sister. I'm working on her prom dress, and we sung Disney songs while I worked. It was pretty epic.

Of course, the downside of this week is that we got another major dumping of snow. The forecast was 1-3 inches, but we ended up getting more like half a foot. Boo.

However we've actually got sun now, which is way nicer than the constant cloudcover we've been having...

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