Saturday, March 26, 2011

Alas! My brilliant plan has been foiled.

Today I planned to post the first installment of my latest sewing project -- my sister's prom dress. However my sister has put her foot down and declared she will not allow me to post any pictures of it until after prom. Which I guess is within her rights.

So instead I moved up my next art post and voila! Here are my latest creations.

The finished picture of Wolverine -- sketch reproduced from "How to Draw Marvel Heroes" but inks and colors primarily my own works.

An inked version of #2 from my "Nightcrawler in Action" series (sketches based on HtDMH)
An original picture of Rogue in current uniform, inked. I used a variety of reference sources, but the picture is ultimately my own unique creation.
Nightcrawler in Action #1, finished
A sketch of Jubilee I created for my friend Alicia, who is possibly the biggest Jubilee fan ever.
Scott Summers -- finished (look for an upcoming post on my friend Shaylynn's blog with a step-by-step digital coloring tutorial from moi on this picture!)
Lastly, my sketch of the bridesmaid dress I will be making for my friend's wedding this summer.


Adela said...

Very cool. I especially like the third one. =)

Elenatintil said...

Thank you Adela! The third is my favorite too -- wait until you see it colored! It turned out great!

Adela said...

Awesome!! I'll look forward to seeing that. :D

MrPassover said...

Heh I have this book also! I have my versions of Wolverine & Spiderman up on DeviantArt! Search MrPassover on thier website if your interested in seeing how they turned out.