Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smile-ful Things

There are several small things that have been making me smile lately. I thought I'd share them with you.

First off is a cryptic message that appeared on our refrigerator...
I didn't write it. My sister didn't write it. So who did???? WHO did? ;)
(Actually we're fairly certain someone wrote it at my birthday party, but it's a cool mystery nonetheless)

Speaking of birthdays, this little cake box is an adorable present I received this year. I still have to figure out something special to keep in it.

Dice. Dice are addicting. Give a handful of dice to anyone and they cannot stop playing with them. Especially if they are my super awesome red dice (pictured below). Little story behind these. I was at my friends Jason and Alicia's house and Jason has this HUGE bowl of all the dice people have left at his place over the years. I was digging through it and I came across some of these red dice. I fell in love with them at once. I didn't have my own dice yet but I knew if I ever got any, I wanted them to look like these. Well the next time I came over, Jason had gone through all his dice and found the complete set and gave them to me. So now I have my dream dice. :)

Alas, the next picture is blurry... but here is my beloved Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet. This is what I do all of my digital coloring on. I LOVE it. It is my... well not my best technological friend (that's my laptop) but pretty close.

This is a beautiful handmade card my friend JoJo sent me for my birthday. Isn't it gorgeous? I am in awe...

'Hello mates! Here is my latest art acquisition... an artist's mannequin. And before you ask, no I have NOT named it. My sister calls hers "Alfred." I don't know if I want to name mine, because it'll be a stand in for all sorts of people and I'm afraid the drama of sketching... oh, say, Rogue, will be lost if the model is named "George." You know?

Okay, final laugh? Remember how I told you earlier this week that I'd ordered... well a lot of X-Men books from the library? *sigh* Over half of them have now come in. I've returned the ones I've already read, but here is what one corner of my room currently looks like.
(The truth? It makes me very happy.)


Unknown said...

I'm glad you're still getting a lot of use out of those dice! Also, the bamboo tablets are just the best! And I want to come over and read X-Men comics with you! lol

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

I wish you could, Alicia!!!!!!!!!!