Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rings and Engagements and Weddings, OH MY!

Remember how I mentioned earlier this week that my brother's girlfriend was one of our travel party down here on the island? Well my brother took advantage of a beautiful beach sunset on Tuesday to propose to her. And now one of my best friends from high school is going to become my sister sometime next summer.

And we've got a wedding to plan!

We girls hurried over to the library first thing yesterday morning (okay, not first thing and it wasn't morning but you get the idea) and checked out half a dozen books on weddings. Then we spent a couple hours pouring over them and the bride-to-be started a notebook full of thoughts, ideas and reminders.

I love weddings. I'm a die-hard romantic and I've organized some pretty complicated things before. However it wasn't until yesterday that I really understood how many details are involved in wedding planning! It's a big enough task that I'm actually a little bit relieved that I'm not the first bride in my generation (although I'm the oldest) and I'll be able to go through the process as a helper at least once before having to deal with being the centerpiece of the operation.

It's going to be awesome though. And a whole new kind of adventure...

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Eldra said...

Tell your brother and his bride-to-be congratulations!! A wedding is always happy news.