Saturday, October 23, 2010

Drowning in books

I never thought the day would come when I would start to feel a little suffocated by books. Yet after the book fair last week I walked away a little light-headed thinking I could use a little break from the printed pages...

And then of course I promptly picked up "Wolf Hall" and started reading it again.

The book fair was really good. It was an intense 9 hours of interacting with people, but it was great to have so many interesting conversations. It was also really encouraging to see all the books that have managed to get published. I'd been procrastinating with my query letters out of intimidation, and seeing all the published books really gave me courage. If all those other people could find agents and publishers for their books - well then, so could I.

I really do have too many books. Normally I'm just whipping through books only to spend two weeks trying to find something new to read. Now however I've got into the habit of

a) immediately ordering from the library any interesting titles I find anywhere online or in bookstores


b) regularly browsing our amazing new library aisles for interesting titles.

The end result is that I really do have piles of books rising up all over my room and have to check the library website constantly to make sure nothing is overdue.

But it's all a good kind of drowning. I love books, and I love having new stories to read. If ONLY people could write DECENT Jane Austen sequels!


Hydra said...

My reading and writing have turned me into a drowned rat! I love books, too, but mine is a hot-then-cold kind of reading. I'll read twenty or twenty-five books in two weeks and then read nothing for another two weeks... it all depends on what other things I have going on. Usually I can't put a book down until I read the entire thing, so I have to put reading on the back burner when other things need my attention. Which is way too often for my liking.

Keep up the good work with your blog - and your costume posts are awesome, so keep them right here!

From Books to Movies and Back Again

Gabrielle said...

I totally agree about the Jane Austen sequels. :( They are usually so disappointing and I can never picture any of the characters acting the way they portray them...