Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Complete Book of Hairstyling

Have you ever wondered what the best way to comb your hair is? Or how to get the perfect curls? Or just wanted an encyclopedia of new styles to try?

Then this is the book for you.

I picked it up in the library a few weeks ago and was blown away by the awesomeness inside. It's not just a "how-to" book of facts, it also includes a running story about five young women in New York. Each of them has different hair, jobs and interests. Every few pages there is a new installment to their story, which implements the hair tips, tricks and rules laid out in the previous pages.

It's a thick book, but a quick read. I read the most important bits and skimmed others and it has completely changed the way I take care of and view my hair. I've also been trying out tons of a new hairstyles and you wouldn't believe the number of compliments I've gotten!

If you can't find it at your library, Amazon has some used copies available for less than a $1, so even with shipping you can still get the volume for less than $5. I'd say it's a book well worth investing in!


Rose Marchen said...

OOh, I'll have to look that up!

Lady Blanche Rose said...

Ooooh! I'll definitely have to order that when I put in my next order to Amazon (I love having a job... *blissful smile*)! I almost never do a thing with my hair and it's getting so boring...it would also nice to be able to try some different updos for work.

Emily said...

Mmm. I picked that book up from the library over the summer, along with some others about hairstyling. It was not my favorite, although it had some good advice about how to style hair and what to do to keep it looking nice on an airplane (and there are fantastic, inspiring pictures too!)

The storyline, though, doesn't add much to the book. It provides transitions between the style types (Everyday, vacation, work, wedding...) shows how they are relevant to real life, and fills pages.