Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Query process begun!

And the first query e-mails for my novel are sent off! Time to enter a new phase of the adventure of "writing a book."

I've decided not to blog about the querying process until it is completed, just because I have no idea how long it is going to take, etc, etc. Rest assured that I will give you all the most helpful report possible when an agent/publisher has been found!

Meanwhile, I would like to humbly ask that, if you feel so inclined, you would offer up prayers of blessing for my manuscript. It is my very dear child of four years, having been completed rewritten once and edited countless times. I have high hopes for it, and believe it is a story with great potential. I dearly, dearly hope that sometime in the next few years it will be possible for all of you to read it.

Also... I know some of you are writers, or web browsers... if you happen to come across any agents/publishing houses that you feel might be worth my investigation, could you please let me know? My novel is a young adult fiction work dealing with Time Travel. If you come across some helpful information to share, please leave it for me in a comment on any post. Thank you so much!

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Lillian said...

Prayers!!!! Know that no matter how long it takes to get published, you've got a legion of fans here just waiting for the first moment to order your book =)