Friday, October 29, 2010

I&F, Make-up, and Steampunk Costumes

The November Cover of I&F is very pretty. We've got a new staff of photographers and I am so excited by the work they are already turning out! However I'm not previewing the cover for you this month... you'll just have to wait until Sunday to see it!

Anyone else here think make-up is expensive? The good stuff that actually works, I mean. I started using Pur Minerals a year ago and I LOVE it. I just wish the foundation wasn't $26 a tub! Thankfully one container will last me for about nine months, so that evens out to around $3 a month... which really isn't that bad. It's just that when one is a poor starving artist, anything that costs anything is a pain. I need to sell more costumes...

...speaking of costumes! I am hard at work designing my website/blog for History's Wardrobe! It is looking really nice and I will be excited to formally unveil it in the next week or two!

What do you do for Halloween? Do you trick or treat? Does your church have an event? Do you ignore the night and huddle down in your basement with a movie?

Our church has a "Halloween Alternative" party which I'm going to help out with this year. Choosing a costume proved harder than I expected! You'd think with all my choices it wouldn't be hard to pick something, would you? I almost settled on my brown Austen dress, but couldn't find it (seriously? argh). So I'm going to use a vest and flowey blouse and boots to pull together a "Steampunk Heroine" outfit. What is steampunk, you ask? Stop reading this post right now and go check out GIRL GENIUS. Romance. Mad Science. Adventure. What more could anyone want in a story?

Okay, did you check it out? NO? All right, that's it. I'm ending this post here. Now you have nothing else to do and you can go check out the adventures of Agatha the amazing GIRL GENIUS. Mwhaha.


Cor Mariae said...

you seem to be in a very flamboyant mood. ;D

Sarah R. said...

It was your blog that first introduced me to Girl Genius. I've been following it for over a year now. It can not be update frequently enough for me.