Monday, October 25, 2010

And you had to make the decision hard?

Thank you for voting in my polls. I really love to see my readers interacting with my blog and get to learn a little more about you (and also know what kind of stuff I should be writing!)

But boy... the answers to the last poll have me befuddled. About two thirds of you said that I should keep my costume posts here... while another fourth or so said that they should branch out to their own blog.

So I want to know. Those of you who want me to keep my costume diaries on this blog - why this blog? Is it too much trouble to add another blog to your daily internet rounds? Are you just attached to this background? Do you think I don't do enough costume diaries to feed another blog?


Anonymous said...

Well, I only have so much time each day to check different websites and with dial-up each new one takes about 5-10 minutes to even open. So, since I love seeing your costumes, I'd love to see them stay on this blog. But that's just my opinion, and having a seperate blog might be better advertising for your business.

Christina said...

I find it fun that this blog covers a variety of subjects, including costumes. I think it would be the most fun to read if you kept this blog really versatile, like it is, rather than having a separate blog for every interest of yours.

Perhaps, though, for a business, a new blog is a better decision? It's really up to you!

Sarah R. said...

I think the costume diaries add variety to your current blog and I haven't found them frequent enough add up to a new blog. But I do agree with the other two commenters that if you are trying to create a business then maybe it would be good to have a separate blog for that. IMHO, a good blog is updated at least once a week if not more frequently. I do like how you have all your categories organized under the different tabs at the top of the page.

Rose Marchen said...

Well if you are looking for business site - then yeah... I guess go with a different blog. But like the other girls said, the costume diaries are a cool addition to this blog and my main concern is that you wouldn't post on here as much if you had two separate ones...

Hydra said...

I echo pretty much everything everybody's already said. I love your costume posts, and I don't think you post them frequently enough to give them a separate blog. But if it's better for your business to have a separate blog, by all means, start one. I guess I can follow two as easily as one. :)
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