Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Behind-the-Scene video for "The Hobbit"

It's almost surreal to see these sets reassembled and the Weta crew back together. After nearly ten long years the project is finally happening... and it looks great. I was especially surprised and delighted that they actually showed us some of the actors in this first glimpse. Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis were featured, of course, but Martin Freeman (Bilbo) and Richard Armitage (Thorin) get some bits as well and they look fantastic. However I must admit that I'm still adjusting to the idea of attractive dwarves. Not that I have anything against the concept, I think it's a necessary move, it's just... different.

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Victoria Rose said...

LOL! Hannah keeps saying the same thing!

Hannah: They are too cute to be dwarves! I mean c'mon

Vicki: Hey, cover 'em up in hair and you'll never know the differance.

:P I am soooooo excited for the movie!