Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goodbye, Sarah Jane

I begin to feel this is the year of goodbyes. Yesterday the fandom of Doctor Who was heartbroken over the news that Elisabeth Sladen, who famously portrayed companion "Sarah Jane Smith" had passed away from complications in her battle with cancer. She was only 63. Sarah Jane has been very much acclaimed as the general all-time favorite companion of the Doctor. She began her journeys with Jon Pertree (#3) and spent quite awhile with the beloved Tom Baker (#4). She made Whoverse history when she came back six doctors and thirty years later to appear as a guest companion of David Tennant (#10) in three separate episodes.

The first return appearance went over so well, that Sladen was signed on to star in her own show - "The Sarah Jane Adventures." The premise of the show was "what happens to earth when aliens invade and the Doctor isn't there?" Cue Sarah Jane and her team of spunky kids, including her adopted son, Luke. The show ran for four seasons and included guest appearances from several Whoverse stars, including Tennant and Matt Smith (#11).

For nearly 40 years Sarah Jane Smith has been an iconic figure in the world of Doctor Who. Though I only 'met' her a year ago, she's been an important and beloved part of my adventures with the Tardis (and without, in the first two seasons of The Sarah Jane Adventures).

I can't believe she's gone. My heart goes out to her family and friends who are dealing with a loss we fans can only begin to feel.
Goodbye, Lis. Goodbye, Sarah Jane. We will miss you.


Mirfain said...

Oh dear! :(

Anonymous said...

Sarah Jane is still awesome!