Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Tower Challenge

Over on the Fairy Tale Novel Forum (which I administer) we have a section called "The Scribe's Corner" where all sorts of writing related topics may be found. Recently a member (Forest Dweller) posted what I thought was a pretty fun writing challenge...

Using your imagination, picture to yourself {in as positive a manner as you are capable of please} what your life would be like if you lived in a tower your whole life and what you would do every day to while away the hours. Think about it, really think about it: what does your tower look like? How'd you get there? Does anyone live with you? Do you read/bake/paint/sing/practice the Force/etc. to while away the hours or do you just sit there and daydream about escaping the tower someday? Are you content with your situation or do you long for something else? Do you ever actually get to go outside? What happens if a terrible storm blows through and rips the roof off your tower? What would you do? Perhaps you've been out battling trolls/goblins/orcs/vampires/werewolves/nasty thugs and are only in your tower for a short time to recover and let things settle down a little?

Once you've got a general, naturally very rough idea of your tower experience figured out, grab some paper {or the nearest computer} and start writing! Don't worry too much about spelling and grammar while you're writing the first draft of your story, you can polish most of that up later before posting about it.
To read more about the challenge and enter, hop on over to ForestDweller's blog! The deadline isn't until June 18th so you all have plenty of time to explore living in those towers!

This is an especially good challenge for those who want to practice how environment affects and alters character development.


Elaine J. Dalton said...

Hi Elenatintil!
Thank you so much for joining my challenge and posting about it! :)

I really like your blog by the way and have read a couple of your recent posts via links found at the Forum and they're quite insightful. Do keep up the writing!

God bless and happy Easter!! ;)


Elenatintil said...


Absolutely! It always makes my day when someone posts a link to my blog (or mentions me) so when I have the opportunity to do likewise, I am glad to take advantage of it!

I'm delighted you are enjoying my blog and thank you for telling me so! It's really encouraging to hear that.