Thursday, April 21, 2011

You are invited to a Festival of Fairy Tales

One of the highlights of my life for the past three years has been the Annual Fairy Tale Fan Festival to celebrate the works of Regina Doman. Fans of "The Shadow of the Bear" and its sequels gather for a long weekend of party, fellowship, learning and faith. I've been at every year and have seen it grow and become something very special. Last year I even took on the job of event coordinator, a job I will be continuing this year.

What's even more exciting about this year? The Festival (or ReginaCon as we sometimes call it) is coming to the Midwest! Regina and her husband Andrew will be flying out to join the fans in Silver Lake, Minnesota on the 23rd through the 26th of June.

Furthermore, the highlight of this year will be the premiere of "The Shadow of the Bear" movie which I have been directing, producing (and now editing!) for the past three years.

The pictures on this post are from last year's adventures. If you have been following my blog, you may remember hearing about such events as our Narnia Scavenger Hunt, Jane Austen Ball, Murder Mystery Night, Workshops with Regina (and myself!), a staged dramatic reading of "The Importance of Being Earnest," and more!

This year is looking set to be our biggest year yet. Some of the events we are planning include:

- Writing workshop with Regina
- Murder Mystery (with a historical/time travel element)
- Talent Show
- Filmmaking Workshop (with me)
- A Fairy Tale Novel Swing Dance (we're renting out a space for this!)
- "The Shadow of the Bear" Movie Premiere -- a formal event with a chance to meet the cast and crew!

And the best part? You can get all of this -- plus food! -- for only $50! (Or $20 per day if you can't make the entire event) Plus, we have a family discount. Parents and younger siblings are completely welcome (and have greatly enjoyed it in the past). Our hosts in Silver Lake have a large property with room for a few guests inside and a LOT of guests outside. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forwards to a camping adventure!

Whether you're a Regina Doman fan or a lover of fairy tales who wants to meet like-minded people, this Festival is the place for you.

To Register and learn more details about the event, please visit

I hope to see you there!

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Trina Bina said...

I'm so looking forward to it! :)