Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girls in Full Color

Although I've been doing some experimental sketching lately, all of my finished "audience-worthy" pieces are in full color. I'm a little addicted to color, I think it's pretty awesome.

First up is a full-color version of the Rogue sketch I showed you last time.

Then we've got a full color of my variation of Jubilee. The fireworks were interesting to perfect.
Next we've got a sketch of sometime X-Man (but mainly X-Force member) Domino...

And Domino colored. (Click photo for enlarged version to see all the detail!)

Then I took a break from X-Men and went out to the black to sketch a lovely young lady named River Tam. (Reference photo here:

And then I went full out with digital painting to complete this work. (Click photo for enlarged version to see detail)

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