Monday, July 6, 2009

Researching on location

It's one thing to write from memory. It's another thing to write from pictures online. But there's nothing quite like being able to go on location and soak in the sights and atmosphere for one's book.

This week I took off with some of my friends to go and do some research/location work for my novel. I've been meaning to do it for the past few months and finally I just had to make up my mind and pull the trip together. I'm really glad I did. I've been there before, so the book is fairly accurate...but what I saw on my trip will just add a whole new level to the depth and emotion of the book. Which is a good thing, of course.

What was also great was the fact that three of the friends I went with are pretty serious photographers. We took over 2000 pictures over the course of the trip, many of which I can use as referances to make sure my descriptions are accurate.

I was also able to find a couple of books that I probably wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. One is a small book of historical pictures of the city, which is crucial to the plot of my book. I love finding things like that.

Also, on a side note, I found a 100-year-old copy of the book "When Knighthood was in Flower" for $10.00. I've wanted to read it for years, so I'm thrilled to have finally tracked it down. Or rather, stumbled across it. I literally walked around a corner and the book was staring at me. Delightful find. :)


Unknown said...

I just discovered your website recently (I think through Narniaweb) and really like this article. Yes, there is something to be said for writing on location. I live near Valley Forge Park which is part of the inspiration for the village in the story I'm publishing online right now. It's great being able to go over there, sit in the cabins, and really get a feel for the place.

Very nice website. It's well laid out, thoughtful, and I look forwards to reading more.

Elenatintil said...

Thank you David! I'm glad you appreciate it. I envy you your location! I'm sure it would be an excellent source of inspiration!