Doctor Who

There once was a man who traveled through time and space in a blue box, saving the universe time at the time.
Who is he?
Simply, the Doctor. 

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Face the Raven (9.10)
Under the Lake (and) Before the Flood (9.3 and 9.4)
The Magician's Apprentic (and) The Witch's Familiar (9.1 and 9.2)
Last Christmas (Season 8 Christmas special)
Listen (8.4)
Robots of Sherwood (8.3)
Deep Breath (8.1)
The Name of the Doctor (7.13)
The Crimson Horror (7.11) and Nightmare in Silver (7.12)
Hide (7.9)
Cold War (7.8)
The Rings of Akenhaten (7.7)
The Bells of St. John (7.6)
The Snowmen (2012 Special)
The Great Detective Minisode and Christmas Special Trailer!
The Angels Take Manhattan (7.5)
The Power of Three (7.4)
A Town Called Mercy (7.3)
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (7.2)
The Asylum of the Daleks (7.1)
Pond Life (1&2)
David Tennant Video Diaries (S3)
The Wedding of River Song - Review
The Rebel Flesh
The Doctor's Wife
The Day of the Moon
The Impossible Astronaut (Review and theories)
Christmas Special 2010 (A Christmas Carol)
Space and Time (Short from March 2011)
Mini Episode Reviews Series 1-4

My Casting Choice for 12
How can Amy and Rory break up?
Welcome to new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman!
6.13 - Predictions
Title Reveal: The Wedding of River Song
Season 6, part 2... what's coming?
Theories about River Song
MORE River Song
The Doctor's WIFE?

Deeper Thoughts
Parenthood in Season 6
Should there be Romance?
Goodbye, Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen

The Life of a Whovian
Welcome Peter Capaldi!
Rewatch and Rose Tyler
The Legacy of River Song (Short Story)
After Journey's End - What Happened to Martha (Short Story)
Painting of a TARDIS
TARDIS Birthday Card
Happy 48th Birthday!
Confidential Cancellation - can YOU complain?

Fish Fingers and Custard
How Big is Doctor Who in Britain -- REALLY?
If Doctor Who went to Hogwarts
The Doctor meets Regina Doman -- our fan skit

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