The Adventures

To be a good writer and artist, one has to have experience to draw from. Over the years I've had many adventures, from plays to trips to films. Below are just a few of the ones I'm currently able to share with you, but hopefully they'll entertain and widened your range of experience as well.

Academy Awards
How many Best Pictures have YOU seen?

Academy Award Blog Extravaganza 2011
Discussion of Nominations
Promo Video with Hathaway and Franco
Best Picture Nominees in LEGOS
Short Films - Our Category
Guest Review by Lirra (Pt. 1)
Guest Review by Lirra (Pt. 2)
Red Carpet and Contest Details
The Power and History of Cinematography
Readers chose the Winners! (Results)
My Play-by-Play Report and Reactions of the Big Night
Dress Design

The Girl with The Aspergers
The Benefits of Playing RPGs

Apartment Adventures
Shopping is Exercise, seriously!
Moving Madness
Apartment Pictures!
Tour 2.0
Gushings of A Modern Housewife (Apartment #2)

Beauty and the Beast 
Introduction to the Broadway Musical
Show Report

Book Stuff
Book Geek Heaven
Meeting Shannon Hale

2012, Friday
2012, Saturday

Comic Conventions
C2E2 2013, Friday
CONvergence 2013
CONvergence 2014

Chronic Health Issues
Take a Ride with Fibromyalgia
Vacationing with Fibromyalgia

Country Life

Fiddler on the Roof 
Fiddler on Facebook
Behind the Scenes in Anatevka
The Future of Avram's Family
The Sound of a Fiddler
Construction Day


First Time a Bridesmaid
Our Romance
My Engagement (and Wedding plans)
Timing and Guests Lists - God's Got it All
Invitation Stuff
Shower Snapshots
Too Many Feelings to Catalog Them All (Moving out, moving in)
My Wedding - Part 1 (Preparation)
My Wedding - Part 2 (Ceremony and Reception)
My Wedding - Part 2.5 (The Legos)
My Wedding - Part 3 (The Honeymoon)
My Wedding - Official Photos
My Wedding - Part 4 (The Illinois Reception)
Mourning the Wedding I didn't have
A Letter to Bride-to-Be's about Engagement Emotions
A Louisiana Wedding
Little Sister Gets Married (You Can't Hurry Love)

Year End Recaps