Saturday, April 27, 2013

C2E2 2013 - Friday

Well! After a two hour delay, mix-up about airport pick-ups, and a day of handsewing the rest of my costume together... I finally made it to C2E2.  I have to say it was an absolutely fantastic con. Really, really huge, with amazing booths and cosplayers and a gigantic Artist Alley. Everyone was also really polite and nice. People asked before taking pictures, and thanked me afterwards. The only unusual run-in I had was one guy, after asking if he could get a picture with me, said "how much do you weigh? I bet I could pick you up!" and he did! He was like a foot shorter than me so I was totally surprised, but wasn't put off by it. He asked me about what character I was cosplaying and stuff, thought it was cool that I was Magneto's daughter, and said he'd better go read those comic books now.

I did end up getting a migraine from the wig+bad food+noise+visual stimulation but it was still a great day. I got TONS of swag... will have to take pictures and share those later. For now I'll show you some of the pictures I took throughout the day... 

 Alicia as Vampire Jubilee... daring the sunlight!

Got a picture of myself in make-up right away, before it could start wearing off... I did have to replenish my lipstick several times, but I got a ton of compliments on the whole thing. (There will be a post on Seamstress Confessions next week detailing how I pulled this cosplay together.)

The Marvel stage had Thor and Cap props for posing... I chose to face-off against Jubilee with my magnetic powers!

I got to meet Karen Hallion! I utterly adore her art, and own three of her Doctor/Disney mash-up t-shirts.

One fun event I attended was the Buffy "Once More With Feeling" Shadowcast. Basically they acted out the episode while the real thing placed on an adjacent screen. It was really well done - they had every part covered with a cast of about 9 actors. It was pretty funny!

Hey look, I found an Oswin Oswald!

Alicia (Jubilee), Mazzie (Rogue) and myself posing with a Storm we found. This is one of my favorite pics from the day!

I was really happy whenever anyone recognized who I was cosplaying. Polaris isn't a big name outside of the X-Men fandom because she hasn't been in any of the movies, although she's easy to explain by saying "Magneto's Daughter." I had one comic book seller say "You're Polaris, right? I don't see many of her..." Another girl came up and was gushing over my costume, bewailing the fact that she didn't have her Wanda cosplay on. I think she also said I should send off a picture to Peter David (X-Factor writer)? Will probably do that later... then an artist recognized me and asked where Havok was. Cuteness!

These are only a smattering of the awesome costumes I saw. I've got more of them up on Seamstress Confessions, so check it out!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Doctor Who 7.9 - "Hide"

Well, before C2E2 2013 completely consumes my weekend, I figured I should get my thoughts on last week's Doctor Who up... spoiler full, of course, so be warned!

As we started the episode, my sister said "Oooh a one word title! Those are always the best!" We hunkered down in a darkened family room, along with my boyfriend, determined to weather an episode that threatened to be more creepy than DW's usual fare. We weren't disappointed, and my sister and I resorted to throwing sarcastic comments at the computer to keep from getting too drawn in and thus more creeped out.

Because it was a creepy episode, though not as delicious or coherent as "Blink", yet still good. The small cast meant that we got to see more fully developed characters in Emma and Professor Palmer. Although I am usually wary of the cliche 'seance' episode on such shows, I nonetheless appreciated the motive given Emma and the Prof for their endeavors. We haven't seen an empath before on New Who, and the Prof's guilt over his wartime mission casualties was, I felt, a nice set-up.

Once again we got to see Clara reacting to an adventure with a tinge (or more!) of fear. Jenna-Louise does a magnificent job of showing this very human emotion without making her character any less 'strong' or 'admirable.' If anything it makes her more relate able - more of an 'everywoman' than Moffat's women tend to be.

The Doctor was adorable, as always. Although some people see flirting in the episode, I still feel there is more of a grandfatherly vibe going on. Which I rather love.

The TARDIS definitely does not like Clara. Have we ever seen her take a dislike to someone before? I mean the Master waltzed in and took control in Series 3 without a bit of resistance. Of course, the TARDIS, existing everywhere at once, knows things we don't. She liked, accepted and taught River Song before either we or the Doctor learned she could be trusted. So if she doesn't like Clara... we should be warned. Alas, because I like Clara quite a bit!

Now one flaw that did glare at me was this - How did the Doctor know that the 'ghost' was Hila? I assume the answer is quite simple, he cross-checked some databases... still it would have been nice to see that play out on screen.

The bubble universe was creepy, although it did weird me out that the Doctor was afraid. I'd say the Doctor has been in freakier places without blinking an eye... why did it unnerve him so much here?

Still, I enjoyed the twist ending. "It's not a ghost story... it's a love story!" and while I, like most of you, would have liked a little more explanation about the aliens, I think it isn't too hard to fill in the gaps. Easier than the other anonymous monster episode, "Midnight."

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Letter to Those Who Have Touched My Life...

This is a post dedicated to everyone who has ever encouraged me. Whether by word, or hug, or facebook message, written letter... or by buying some creation of mine before I really became 'professional' quality. Over the years there have been so many people who have taken the time and money to invest in my life and I cannot say how much it means to me. Honestly. I think about these moments and how their faith in me has encouraged me to become who I am today. Those who bought my first doll dresses when I was a preteen, those who made the time to smile and tell me I was talented or smart or just ask about my life, those who told me that my strength through my illness was inspirational...

Thank you. I wouldn't be who I am today without you. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

DW: 7.8 - "Cold War"

When Doctor Who first aired, eras like the 60's and 70's were 'modern day.' Now they're 'history' and an episode set during the Cold War qualifies as a time travel episode.

But "Cold War" is a title of double meaning, and the second refers to something just as dire as communism and nuclear weapons...

Spoilers to Follow

I have to say, I liked Clara better in this episode than any since "The Snowmen." Like many fans, I appreciated her vulnerability, which JLC showed very well without loosing any moments of awesome. Her expression when coming across the dissected corpse and her fear when she finally sang "Hungry like the Wolf..."

Trapped on a Submarine - this isn't an episode for the claustrophobic, and yet there is plenty of movement in this episode. You don't feel trapped, because every minute is important. No dialogue is thrown away. Although I still want to know why the Doctor carries a Barbie doll around with him. Ah well, we will probably never know. (And no, I don't think the blonde hair is a reference to Rose. Pretty sure she'd be insulted by that.)

Favorite character of the episode? The Professor, hands down. He was adorable. Also, kudos to Gatiss for portraying the majority of the Russians as real people, not just 'bad guys.'

And the Ice Warrior? Well, I've never seen any of their original episodes, but was aware of them as far back as the "Waters of Mars" which in some ways is a companion episode to this one. Anyhow, I found him a compelling, creepy and well-done antagonist.

Loved that Doctor wasn't any less a Warrior than the Captain. Such a fun moment.

Felt really sorry for everyone who had to do the whole episode soaking wet.

Is it just me, or is the sonic screwdriver seeming a little too powerful these days?

I'd like to see an 'under the sea' episode where the Doctor and a companion go around in suits or air bubbles and visit something like the Gungan City in Star Wars (which was awesome, despite the fact that JAR JAR lived there)... but until then, this is a pretty good 'Under the Sea' episode.

Epic People, Epic Snow

The worst of my costume rush is over! Well it's still going to be insane, because I am getting my own stuff ready for C2E2 which is going to be awesome... but more about that next week on Confessions of a Seamstress. The geeky awesomeness is that I'll get to attend panels including such awesome people as Peter Davidson (Doctor Who), Jane Epenson (Producer and Writer for Everything Epic Ever), Felicia Day (Eureka, Dollhouse, Buffy, other awesomeness), and Natalie Dormer (The Tudors, Game of Thrones)! PLUS favorite artist of mine, Karen Hallion, will be in the Artist Alley. I have three of her DW/Disney Princess t-shirts and have to pick just one to wear to meet her... I'm leaning towards Mulan since it's the newest.

 Anyhow, the point is that I should be writing more regularly now. And OUAT is coming back this week and that of course is terribly important to review right away!

Meanwhile, Minnesota has had about ten inches of snow dumped on her in the last 24 hours. Jack Frost, the Great Intelligence, The White Witch... we've had plenty of accusations passed around. Personally I like my brother's suggestion, that George R.R. Martin got the idea for the endless winter from us. I mean, we already know that he totally based the Starks on my family... anyhow, guess I'd better keep my eyes open for those White Walkers!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Plot a Book and Help Save a Kid!

Writer's ahoy! I just purchased "Million Dollar Outlines" for two reasons. #1, Matthew Bowman (Fantastic Freelance Editor and head writer on the Ruah Chronicles), recommended it, and #2, the author's son is in a coma and the online writing community is trying to 'book bomb' to raise money for the cause. Don't just check out the book itself - learn the whole story here!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

7.7. - The Rings of Akenhaten

Spoilers below...

While I am not sure I will go back and rewatch this one any time soon, it was none the less a beautiful, lyrical episode. Which makes sense, considering the theme...

I really liked seeing Clara interact with Merry. I feel that they wrote a companion who is good with kids because Matt Smith is brilliant with kids (in a way that Tennant and Eccleston never quite achieved) and they wanted an excuse to bring more of them into the show. Which is frankly awesome, since this is supposed to be a family show...

Most profound moment for me was, strangely enough, when Clara and the Doctor join the assembly to watch the singing. When was the last time we saw a companion soak in a new experience so joyfully? The sheer glee and wonder on Clara's face was awesome. It was also interesting to watch a pair of people immersed in a completely new sense of religious worship. Rarely do we see that on television, and I thought it was really fascinating.

Like most fans, I was super excited at the reference to Susan. It's the subtle nods to the past that keep this show interconnected, and this year of all years it is great to see more homages of this sort being paid. It's also interesting because there are really two dynamics to the Clara/Doctor relationship. One is the witty flirting... but the other has more of a grandfather/granddaughter feel to it, in a weird way. Probably because the Doctor is dressing more grandfatherly than he has in ages, and probably because when she's not flirting with him, Clara behaves totally like a granddaughter, with the excited curiosity, and even the insisting that the Doctor pay for the motorbike. Anyone else pick up on this, or am I being totally crazy here? 

Loved that we got to Clara's family, get the leaf explained, and also see some interesting connections to Rose Tyler. #1 - the car that almost ran down Clara's father appears to be the some one that hit Pete Tyler. #2 - the day Clara's mother died is the date that Rose's first episode "Rose" happened, leading some fans to speculate that Clara's mother died in the auton attack. (What if Clara was there, and at that point Clara was replaced by an auton, and her mother was killed to cover this up?)

Question/critique of the week by most fans is that Clara blew up the sun, so how are the seven planets going to survive? A sciency person on tumblr pointed out that that wasn't the sun, it was a gas planet (which is why it had rings) that was ONE of the seven planets, and the actual sun/star is still glowing just fine. 

I think that sums this week up! Who is psyched about this Saturday's upcoming episode?

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Spoilers ahead for "The Bells of St. John"


I'm going to say right off the bat that I found this episode underwhelming. That doesn't mean it isn't a good episode. Nor does it mean that I wanted a super crazy episode like "The Impossible Astronaut" either.

It's just... it seemed very bleh to me. Like there isn't much that would make me want to rewatch it. Oh there are plenty of good moments, but overall I didn't find it terribly compelling.

I know. I can't expect Moffat to always write episodes like "Blink" and "The Doctor Dances" and "The Girl in the Fireplace"... only he used to always write those. Being a showrunner has taken its toll on his writing juice, apparently.

In fact, this episode really seemed in many ways to be a rehash of Moffat's original episodes. Or WAS it? Is this all intentional, tying in to who Clara is?

  • The opening montage "don't click" was the most obvious, in it's homage to "Blink."
  • The phone ringing on the TARDIS was last seen in "The Empty Child."
  • Weird head swivel things that are only part human were seen in "The Silence in the Library."

There were other nods as well, most specifically the book written by Amy Williams. But the three I mentioned seemed so blatant that I have to wonder if they are more than just "tips of the hat."

And Clara... oh Jenna Louise is a fine actress, but I found this installment of Clara to be rather less compelling than the other two. That could be an intentional thing, however, as it seems very possible that the computer tech download into her brain was part of 'building' Clara.

Speaking of Clara stuff, did anyone notice when the girl Clara was nannying ran off, she was going over to "Nina's" house? Hmmm, last time the name Nina appeared on Doctor Who, it was an old friend of Oswin's. "I dated a boy named Rory. Actually, her name was Nina..." Echoes upon echoes...

But by far the best part of the episode was the Doctor setting himself up as Clara's Guardian. That whole sequence, followed by the 'TARDIS street art apparation' and the anti-grav motorbike is indeed worth watching over again, even if the rest of the episode is less stunning.

And Clara takes a note out of Donna's page in refusing to travel with the Doctor right away. Or is she just flirting with him? How long will it be before we see the 'snogbox' properly earn that appellation? Apparently there is to be an unusual love triangle between Clara, River and the Doctor. Which could be interesting, honestly. Mostly I just want to see the Doctor excited about something again. It was so dear to see him so delighted at rediscovering Clara, and doing everything possible to get her to travel with him. I don't think he's ever worked this hard for a companion before...

And there. I finished this review just before the next episode gets aired here in the US... I shall definitely try to do a good deal better next week!