Articles of Note

On this page I've collected what I feel are some of my best and most noteworthy posts. I've separated them into "Editorials" and "Devotionals" and have listed them in roughly chronological order.

Guest Blogging
(Posts I've written for other blogs)
Writing Catholicism as a Protestant (Sacrifice of Love)
Introduction to Self-Publishing (Rivershore Books)

Instagram and Simple Joys
My Blessings You Do Not See
When it is NOT time to have kids (and you're feelings are not what you expected)
The Introvert's Date Night
Baby Gift Thank You's in the Modern Age
The Gospel and the Deaf, or Videos in Church
When a Facebook 'like' is all your health can manage
Chronically Ill and You See Us Smiling
A Guide to Eating With a Lipreader
Being Content and Making the Most of an Apartment
Robin Williams - Looking to the Past and Future
The 5 Pictures Self-Esteem Meme
Did you know that people translate you differently when you get married?
Jane Austen in any other time
What's YOUR Social Media?
The Care and Keeping of Deaf Ears
This is Blog Post 1000
The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a Homeschooler
American Girl Dolls get Hearing Aids at Last!
The Real Reason why I'm not seeing "The Hobbit" in theaters.
Words have Power. How will you use yours?
Fiction and Non-Fiction
The Pickiest Journal Shoppers Club
Tips and Tricks for Moving into a New Computer
What Texting Means to the Deaf
Celebrating Disabilities in Fiction
Whatever Happened to Worship Dancing?
The Sweet and the Sour (Celebration and Sadness)
Being Deaf is...
Ode to a Thrift Store
When is 'old enough' for adult books?
Reflections on Christmas Eve
To Judge a Book by its Cover
Five Tips to College Success
The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton
Parents in Disney Films and the real audience of fairy tales
The Importance of Math and Science to the Creatively Minded
Yeah I've got a maid... her name is "The Dishwasher."
The Princess and the Wart: A Fairy Tale Parody
An Education (Mine, not the movie)
"Sorry, I lied."
Are You Ready to Date?
Drowning in Books
Twi-bashing and the esteem of young women
Pixar Heroines... or lack of.
Do you Reread Books?
A Bit About Roleplaying
Shepherdess in the Making
Why I went on the March for Life
For Festive Spirit
Loving to Read
Intro to Ink and Fairydust
How to Host a Renaissance Faire
European Trip


What having a puppy  has taught me about God
Good Gifts and Pain

King Cyrus and Party Nominations
- hope even when all the wrong people are elected.

When a Woman Spoke to God
- The story of Rebekah

Conviction and Praying for the President
- Do you and why or why not? Here's my answer.

- on building up rather than tearing down.

- on love and waiting for love.

- on Jesus's Sermon on the Mount

- Reflections on the Creative Genius of GOD

What does Church have to do with College?
- The impact of your spiritual home on your scholastic endeavors.