Friday, February 28, 2014

The Official Wedding Photos

So... ready for some more wedding pictures?

Here are my favorites from the official photographer. Bear with me, there were over 1000 of them, and these are just the best of the best of the best...

(Because there are so many, I'm posting them here as medium sized images and not the usual large. Click on any one  to see it full-sized.)

I made six of these (with some help from Vicki to finish up the last one) for my bridesmaids.

I also made each of them a fur cape! It was January in Minnesota, after all!

Yes, the dress isn't properly zipped up. I'll explain more about that over on my sewing blog.

With my grandmother. <3 p="">

My dad shows Nathan the time on his family heirloom pocket watch.

Wedding party gets silly.

My girls model their cloaks on the steps of the church.

Best man helps the groom get ready...

Outside, wrapped up in the cloak Vicki made me, held by my beloved as I try to keep my headache from splitting my head open before the ceremony...


Formal portrait.

I think this looks like a scene from Downton Abbey.

My sister (maid of honor) and my lifelong friend (bridesmaid)

 All the Rings!

My grandparents, continuing to model a godly marriage after over 50 years together.

Best Man's Speech

Nathan about to escort his parents in.

I'm 5'9. Nathan is a nice three inches taller than me. My brother can pick him up.

Nathan and Anthony, invisible lightsaber battle!

No! Don't kill Anthony!!!

All the dudes.

Comfort from my grandmother.

The girls look on.

In Love.

Mini Cupcakes!

Gluten free cupcakes!

The centerpieces!

Many, many thanks to Carolyn, Hannah J, Vicki, and Hannah M for helping me complete all of the centerpieces! That was a lot of beads to tie on!

My parents love me <3 p="">

The Giving of the Bride

My uncle does the scripture reading.

Mr. And Mrs!!!

"We finally got her married off!!!"

My new family!

Our going away outfits ;)

My sister says goodbye.

My brother says goodbye.

Last hug from Daddy! <3 p="">

Maid of Honor speech.

Anthony films reception stuff for us.

My father-in-law.

My mother-in-law.

The groomsmen record a bit of humor for Nathan.

We put three dice at each place setting as our favors.

Andy records the "Don't Blink" speech from Doctor Who for us.

My girls record "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" for me.