Monday, February 2, 2015

Win a copy of "Rebel Queen" by Michelle Moran!

Contest is CLOSED! Check out my review of "Rebel Queen" here!

A while back, I wrote a review covering all five of Michelle Moran's works of historical fiction, all of which I greatly enjoyed. So you can imagine how excited I was when she contacted me and asked if I'd like to run a giveaway on this blog for her upcoming book, Rebel Queen!

I'd already been greatly looking forwards to reading this installment, as it takes place in India which is a country I've been interested in but know little about. Happily, in addition to the contest opportunity, Ms. Moran is also sending me a copy for review, so I'll be sharing my own thoughts on the new book as soon as it arrives!

If the cover isn't intriguing enough, check out the synopsis from Moran's website:

From the internationally bestselling author of Nefertiti and Cleopatra’s Daughter comes the breathtaking story of Queen Lakshmi—India’s Joan of Arc—who against all odds defied the mighty British invasion to defend her beloved kingdom.

When the British Empire sets its sights on India in the mid-nineteenth century, it expects a quick and easy conquest. India is fractured and divided into kingdoms, each independent and wary of one another, seemingly no match for the might of the English. But when they arrive in the Kingdom of Jhansi, the British army is met with a surprising challenge.

Instead of surrendering, Queen Lakshmi raises two armies—one male and one female—and rides into battle, determined to protect her country and her people. Although her soldiers may not appear at first to be formidable against superior British weaponry and training, Lakshmi refuses to back down from the empire determined to take away the land she loves.

Told from the unexpected perspective of Sita—Queen Lakshmi’s most favored companion and most trusted soldier in the all-female army—Rebel Queen shines a light on a time and place rarely explored in historical fiction. In the tradition of her bestselling novel, Nefertiti, and through her strong, independent heroines fighting to make their way in a male dominated world, Michelle Moran brings nineteenth-century India to rich, vibrant life.

Interested? How would you like to win your own copy? All you have to do is leave a comment below and let me know either a) why you're excited about reading a historical novel set in India or b) visit Ms. Moran's website and let me know which of her other books intrigue you. Make sure you include an e-mail address or facebook page link in your comment so that I can contact you if you win!

The contest will run until February 15th, when I will randomly pick a winner to receive a copy of "Rebel Queen." There will also be a runner up, who will win a set of bangles that Ms. Moran brought back from one of her trips to India. (Aren't they gorgeous?)


Amanda said...

That sounds like an absolutely fascinating book... historical fiction focusing on little known or typically passed over periods and history are particularly intriguing, I think.

I think you know how to contact me, but I'll comply with the rules ;-)

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed some of Michelle's other historical fiction, and I am excited to read Rebel Queen! I love how she picks compelling female characters as her leads. I'm interested in learning more about India through hist fic since it seems like it is not as well represented in the genre as other countries such as Egypt, the US, England, and Germany. I love historical fiction because it is so vibrant with facts and insight from the time period. This offers such a feeling of connection to readers!


Elarinya said...

Since I was very young, I have always been fascinated byIndia's history! Particularly, I have always been fascinated by the Taj Mahal and would love to visit someday. Sadly, I do not know much about India's history, especially not about the period during which this book takes place. So I would love toget the chance to read this book and to jumpstart my knowledge of the history of India!

Email -

Thank you for this great opportunity and for always recommending great books!

Rachel said...

I would love to read this book not only to learn the history but history of India which is hard to find unlike medieval novels. India has always fascinated me. Thanks for the giveaway.


Elaine J. Dalton said...

I posted a link back here to my blog and it will run on Saturday, so hopefully more people will see it. ;) I'd love to read this book! It sounds very interesting; I've never heard of this period in India before. I love reading historical fiction and last year I read Moran's Nefertiti, which intrigued me. I'm on FB as Emmaline Gravel. Good luck with the giveaway!! :)

Beth said...

I'm very excited to read this because I love period books about strong women.

Maria Gianna said...

It sounds really cool! I stopped by her website and spent a lot of time there. It looks like there's a lot of great stuff. I'll be getting a hold of some of those as soon as I can. The two that interested me the most (aside from this one) are "The Second Empress" and "Cleopatra's Daughter."

Tyneisha said...

I have always been fascinated by India- it has such a rich history and I think this would be a great book to get into! ty(dot)fondren87(at)gmail(dot)com.

AnneMarie said...

This book sounds fabulous, and I am quite interested in it! I am quite enamored with India's culture and history, and within the past several months, have developed a love for Bollywood films, particularly the ones about historical events. However, I do not know very much about India's history, and I wish to learn more! And historical fiction novels are a great way to learn and decide what to learn more about!

Katherine S. Cole said...

What a great giveaway!
This book sounds super interesting...I've wanted to more about India probably since watching Jodhaa Akbar! :D (Though Nefertiti sounds fascinating also...) Very cool! :)