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Welcome to the Geek Portal. This page is a collection of the posts that I've determined are, in some way, shape or form, "Geek" material. Like all my pages, I am constantly adding to it, so  be sure to check in here often for the latest news!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
1.1/1.2 Review
1.15 (Worth blogging about again)
Agent Grant Ward (1.18)
Midseason Finale (2)
3.5 (4722 Hours)

The Avengers & MCU
Trailer Analysis
Comic Scribbles
Ant Man

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Thoughts and feelings on finishing Season 7

The Chronicles of Narnia
In Defense of Ramandu's Daughter
Prince Caspian and the Critics
Prince Caspian Official Movie Review
Prince Caspian: Less than two weeks away
Prince Caspian: Gearing up for May 16
What to Think about the Voyage of the Dawn Treader
POTC Narnia spoof
VOTDT Movie Review

DC Universe
The Flash - Season 1 - why you should watch!
Powerless Premiere

Ender's Game (And Orson Scott Card)
EG trailer released!!!
Interview re: "Earth Unaware"
"Enchantment" and "Women of Genesis"
Stone Tables

5.8 (In Too Deep)

Game Reviews
Fall of Magic (Storytelling Game)

Gilmore Girls
Imagining Stars Hallow Post-2007

Harry Potter
My 10 Years of Harry Potter
What's the Point, Jo? (The Harry/Hermione confession)
In Defense of Hufflepuff
Pottermore Review and the Truth about Hufflepuff
Firebolt - a Musical Celebration of Harry Potter
What Hogwarts House are YOU? 
Deathly Hallows Part Two Review
Why do we all love Harry?
If Doctor Who went to Hogwarts
Harry Potter and the Cartoon Prince Index
How Harry Potter Brought My Family Together
Half Blood Prince Movie Review
Harry, A History ~ Book Review
Hogwarts and the Importance of REAL Education

The Hobbit and LOTR
Thorin Oakenshield revealed
First Behind the Scenes Clip
Who knew DWARVES could be so attractive?
Release Day
No Silmarillion in Theaters?
The Lord of the Rings (pt 1) - Revisiting Childhood Reads
The Problem of Arwen

The Hunger Games
My Review of the Books
Trailer Reaction
Film Review
Is there enough violence in the film?

Miscellaneous Geekery
Marvel Comics Aids Deaf Boy
Date a Girl Who Reads (Quote)
On Superpowers and Human Abilities
Women and Comics
Real Nerd Life: Encouraging Personal Growth Through Role-Playing Games

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
First Photos and Hopes
Trailer Play-by-Play
Trailer Transcript
Trailer #2 and Theories

Series Finale and Looking Back
Season 2 Premiere
Season 1 Finale
SMASH goes to church
Introductory Review

Star Wars
May the Fourth be with you
Disney Buys Lucasfilms - My Thoughts
Han and Leia - the Bickering Couple Grows Up (Post Episode 7)
The Force and Forbidden Romance - Symmetry and Storytelling
Darkness in the Stars: A Star Wars World-Exploration FanFiction
I Don't Want to Write this Tribute (Carrie Fisher)
Too Good for Star Wars -- my review of "Bloodline"
Star Wars: The Last Jedi: An Unexpected Review
"The Mandalorian" (Season 1)

1.1 and 1.2 (Hindenburg, Lincoln)
1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 (Atomic City, Castle Varlar, Alamo)

The Quest
Pilot Review

It's Not Just Girl Power (X-Men #1 Review)
X-Men watch Downton Abbey (humor)
Intro to Classic X-Men (Where do I start?)
First Class Sequel Speculation
Comic Scribbles
A bouquet of my favorite panels and covers
First Class -- My Review
First Class -- What I'm looking forwards to seeing
First Class -- thoughts One Week prior to US release
First Class Trailer Thoughts and Speculation
I process the interviews
The X-Men weigh in on the trailer (spoof)
What X-Men and Jane Eyre have in common...
X-Men -- a history of TV and Film

Is "The Gifted" just another superhero show?

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