Friday, August 26, 2011

And at the end of the week, the score is....

First week of college (round two) complete. It's been a bit rough with some sickness the last 36 hours, but I made it to four out of the five classes I had on schedule in that time period so I'm pretty pleased with myself.

My professors are all pretty cool and I'm liking the classes so far, although the psychology reading load is a leeettle bit heavy.

I have been getting my reading done so far though, which means that I can use the time before class starts to get some scribbling in on my novel. Sort of interesting because I haven't handwritten a significant portion of a novel in quite some time.

And now I'm dead tired and I'm going to focus on resting and beating this sickness thing before Monday. Cya later, folks!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Five Tips to College Success

For all of you who are first time college students, here are a five helpful tips for success (and less stress!). And hey, even you experienced students might find this useful!

#5. Before you get dressed, check for your area. This way you can dress accordingly, manage your hair appropriately if it's going to be windy, and bring an umbrella or rain jacket if rain is in the offing (or layer up if it looks like a snowstorm).

#4. Especially that first week, pack your backpack the night before. That way if you DO accidentally oversleep, you can just grab your bag and go. It'll also help ensure that you don't forget anything essential.

#3. Eat healthy. This sounds lame, but it's incredibly important. In addition to keeping off the Freshmen 15 (which is VERY real and sometimes turns more into the freshman 20), it will also keep your skin clearer, your brain more alert, reduce colds and illnesses, and help your mood and sleep patterns. Good eating means at least one fruit or vegetable every meal, drinking LOTS of water, avoiding bad fats, (yes, even that awesome pizza your new dining center has...maybe keep it down to one or two slices a week?), and staying away from sugar as much as possible.

#2. Make a schedule for your homework. Mark your assignments on a wall calendar and always refer back to it. That way you won't get to the last week of classes and find you're way behind on... well... everything. DON'T ever try to cram. You'll have poor results and forget everything very quickly, which is NOT the point of college. (Learning, not forgetting, is the point)

#1. HAVE A CONSISTENT SLEEPING SCHEDULE! Get to bed early, and always have your wake-up time be at least an hour before your first class. Getting a solid night's rest is just about the best thing you can do to being a successful student, and you'll sleep better if you always have the same schedule. Plus if you always wake up at 7:30, soon that wont' seem early to you at all. I promise. Use an alarm clock to help you get into this rhythm, and have your body on this schedule before classes start.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Wedding of River Song

This is an episode title, so I'm not considering it a spoiler.

And yes, folks, this has been revealed as the name of the final episode of season 6.

Frankly? I'm furious. Why? Because I actually do want to see River Song have a proper wedding. However every single episode prior to this with a suggestive title (The Doctor's Daughter, the Next Doctor, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, The Doctor's Wife) has been, to some extent, a cheat. Oh, Jenny and Idris were great characters, no doubt. I definitely want to see both of them again.

But... River Song... possibly my all time favorite Dr. Who character. Seriously. My expectations here are so high, I don't know HOW the Moff could possibly meet them. Furthermore I'm sure he's not even going to try.

I mean, the last time we got an episode titled "The Wedding of..." it turned out to be, well, involving evil aliens and in the end there was no wedding.

Besides, how could you release a title like that and then actually follow it? There has to be some twist, right?

Or maybe there's not. Maybe... maybe we actually will see River Song's wedding.

However just the fact that this title has been released makes me seriously doubt that, if she actually marries anyone, it's actually the Doctor.

Or IS it? Of COURSE Moffatt knows that we've been teased far too many times about these titles. He knows we're gun shy. So he totally could feel confident in naming a straight forwards episode with a straight forwards title and know that we will not, at all, be expecting it.

You know, a double cross sort of thing.

I don't know, even that seems too simple for Mr. Steven Moffatt.

And now I have to wait almost two months to find out the truth. Seriously. I'm majorly ticked off here.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What does Church have to do with College?

One of the biggest mistakes I feel I made the last time I went to college was failing to connect with a church. I wasn't too far from my parents church where I'd grown up and decided I'd just continue going there.

However... there was a major disconnect that happened anyways. Other issues happened that made attending services there not the best idea for me at the time and I really dropped off going to church altogether. This meant by my second year I really didn't have a solid support team or source of spiritual renewal.

I'm sure I'm not the only college student with this problem. After all, if you've spent the last decade of your life at one church, it can seem pretty scary to visit a new congregation by yourself!

When I nannied in Virginia, my employers requested that I regularily attend a church service (of any kind) in order to set a good example for their kids. I knew this was a good idea and that I really needed that place of spiritual connection and church family. So I gathered up my courage, made a few connections, and found a church that became a huge blessing and source of comfort over the next few months. I was only there for a short time, but it drastically changed how I viewed church, and especially joining new churches.

So one of the first things I did when researching my university of choice was to look at the church offerings in my area. Almost immediately I came across one that looked like a perfect fit. Flash forwards ten months later and I'd made contact with a young lady from the congregation who was delighted to help me with transportation and meeting people. Today I got to attend service with her and her boyfriend and was incredibly blessed by the experience.

The sermon was great -- I'd probably rank it among the top 10 sermons I've ever heard. The pastor preached on Deuteronomy 6 and going back to the very foundation of our faith -- loving the Lord our God with our entire beings, in every area of our life, and teaching this devotion to our children.

Another amazing thing -- music is incredibly important to me and a very vital part of any church service. When two of my absolutely favorite worship songs were played ("Come Thou Fount" and "In Christ Alone") I felt pretty sure that God was making it clear I was meant to be here.

So I'm excited. I'm really enthusiastic about being a part of this church body and worshiping and learning there. It's a real blessing.

And I really want to encourage those of you who are going off to college this year... do become part of a Christian group, even if you are at a Christian college. So many people told me this when I first went and I didn't listen. I've always regretted it. But you will find it invaluable to not just go, but get connected. I promise. And it doesn't have to be a church, it can be a Bible study, a group like Campus Crusade -- any gathering of believers where you can grow in God, love others, and build each other up.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Chloe King is an ordinary high school girl. Until one day she falls off a tower, dies...

and comes back to live.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the claws, superhearing, agility, speedy reactions and night vision.

Sound familiar? Yes, folks, Chloe is one of the Mai, ancient Egyptian guardians of the human race who manifest many cat-like abilities (they are supposedly descended from the Egyptian Goddess Bastet). The downside? Chloe's coming-back-to-life abilities are not normal for Mai, and mark her as the prophesied 'Uniter.' This makes her a target for the Mai's enemies, the mysterious 'Order.'

The Nine Lives of Chloe King utilizes familiar elements of beloved stories like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. However it is not as dark as the former, nor as tetesterone driven as the latter.

It is, in short, a show about a teenaged girl, for teenaged girls. However, unlike similar offerings on TV today, Chloe's problems go far more then what guy to go on a date with. She struggles with the meaning of her powers and just what her responsibility towards human and Mai entails.

It's an ABC family show so places a strong emphesis on family. Chloe and her mother have a strong, healthy relationship. Even though Chloe can't tell her mother the truth about her Mai abilities, she still works to having good communication in all other areas.

There is making out and some innuendo, but Chloe is prevented from even so much as kissing humans, due to the deadly results of intimate contact between human and Mai.

That's not to say the show is perfect, but it's a far healthier and more positive viewing option than, say, Glee. Plus it's just plain fun and the cast is filled with plenty of likable characters (even if some of the acting occasionally rings a little false).

So girls, if you're looking for a TV show that's not filled to the brim with garbage and bad morals, you may find a more acceptable option here.

I certainly love the premise and intend to keep tabs as it progresses!

(Don't have cable? You can find episodes for free on Hulu!)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Of School and Fears and YOU, my awesome readers

I like Professors.

Maybe I'm just lucky in that I've always had pretty good ones. Or maybe homeschooling just trained me up to really appreciate adult conversation (as well as peer socialization, of course). I'm not sure.

Anyhow, I met with nearly all of my professors this week to discuss accommodations for my hearing loss in their classes. I was delighted to find that they are all pretty cool and nice and I'm excited to have a chance to learn from them.

At the same time I'm a little nervous about being back in school and the sheer time commitment of that... will I have time to sew? To write? To draw? To be with friends? These are things that are integral to who I am and without them I sort of become a walking shell of myself.

I don't usually ask for prayers on this blog, but... if you remember, if you could pray that God will be with me as I move forwards on this new adventure, that would mean so much to me.

Thank you all for continuing to be such faithful and delightful readers. I appreciate your time, comments, poll answers and even checking of the little boxes beneath the posts so much. It helps me remember I'm not just talking to a void, I'm talking to YOU! And your presence shows that what I have to say is interesting and instructive and I can actually serve, entertain and teach others through this blog.

So again, Thank You.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sound of Music Humor

My father sent this to me today. I thought it was hilarious and couldn't resist sharing it with you!

It's especially timely because just last week my younger cousins roped me into re-enacting the entire Sound of Music in the backyard. They also insisted I play Maria. It was an absolute blast, made even better by the fact that they all had the movie practically memorized and even the 3-year-old could sing along to some songs. Priceless.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Doctor Who in Britian

Is Doctor Who really as big in Britain as they say it is?

Well, my sister brought back her report from the front line and I am delighted to share it!

As many of you know, she was on a six week mission trip in Europe, and since their home base was in London they spent quite a bit of time there. They got plenty of chances to interact with the local residents, including the young people. One day they were all hanging out and the teens started talking about their favorite TV shows. Many of the British teens watched American imports like Glee and CSI. My sister brought up Doctor Who. Most of the kids went 'oh yeah, we watch that.'

Except for one who said... "No, I'm weird over here. I don't actually watch it."

So there you are folks! In England, the kids who DON'T watch Doctor Who are the 'weird' ones. IMHO, that totally rocks.

In other Doctor Who news, today I am weeping for all of the new fans who watched the prequel for 'Let's Kill Hitler' before seeing Season Six. They have now effectively had most of the suspense, awesomeness and wonder of the first 6 episodes ruined for them. And considering all that happens in those episodes, that is a real tragedy.

I don't say this in a 'holier-than-thou' or a 'you guys are BAD' sort of way... I genuinely am sad. IMHO Season 6 contains the most awesome, edge-of-your-seat, complex plot so far and even though most of us had guessed the reveal in 'A Good Man Goes to War', there were few people who would have made that guess without episodes 1, 2, and 5. And guessing and waiting and discovering in the episodes how all the pieces fit together is such a beautiful, wonderful thing. I am honestly sad that so many of my friends will now not be able to watch those episodes the way they were meant to be watched --- without knowing.

However, that doesn't mean they shouldn't still watch the episodes, as there are plenty of things even the viewers still are waiting to find out...

After all. The Silence are coming back!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Cutest USB Hub you ever saw

Isn't this little guy adorable? My grandmother gave me a bag full of useful things when I headed off to college... and one of them was this, the cutest little USB Hub I've ever seen.

Now I'm trying to figure out what to name him. I've got a plant named Lockheed, a dress form named Eliza... a suitcase named TARDIS, still undecided on the mannequin... and I want this one to be connected to Doctor Who. It's a Hub, so maybe something Torchwood related would be appropriate... Or I could just call him David after my favorite doctor. Or just "The Doctor." But that could be confusing. "Can you pass me the Doctor? Have you seen the Doctor? Oh just let me hook up the Doctor..."

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Celebration of Harry Potter

The following video is a hilarious, heartfelt and touching fan-made music video celebrating the Harry Potter fandom. Not to be missed by any true Harry fan.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cyberthieves, Contrition, and shiny things called AWARDS

News Flash!

Alex O'Donnell and the 40 Cyberthieves by Regina Doman and Rachel's Contrition by Michelle Buckman BOTH won awards from the Catholic Writers Guild!!!

This is majorly exciting to me for several reasons!

First off, as a friend, because Regina Doman is a very dear friend of mine and not only did she write Alex, but she also was the editor for Rachel's Contrition. So congratulations, Regina!

Secondly as a reader. I absolutely loved both of these books! In fact when I first read Rachel's Contrition (and since I was living in Regina's house at the time, I got to pre-read it), I said "this is absolutely going to win awards, it's that amazing."

Thirdly I've sort of got a personal stake in Alex since a) Regina graciously allowed me to be part of the group that gave editorial feedback, and b) because I went out to her home for three months to nanny and tutor her children so that she'd have time to finish it. I knew it was going to be good and I wanted to read it!!! Well, obviously I was right... ;)

Fourthly, I know this this has to be a particularly special honor for Michelle Buckman. She's a Catholic writer who has been working in mainstream Christian fiction for many years. She was excited to learn about Sophia Institute Press and have a chance to publish Catholic fiction. So winning this award is sort of a validation for her for giving up the bigger presses and going with this tiny new press to follow where God was leading her.

Fifthly, if you read the article closely, you'll notice they quote my friend Ellen from her review of Alex in... guess what? INK AND FAIRYDUST!!! Yep, that's currently the first review on the Alex website, so the CWG pulled it for this news release. That's a pretty awesome plug for I&F, especially since the Summer Issue just came out!

So anyhow, this calls for tons of confetti!

Congratulations to Regina Doman and Michelle Buckman!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Bad, the Good and the Best.

I fully intended to get a blog post up yesterday, but arm injuries, even ones on your left arm, tend to make that a bit problematic.

Now let's make something clear, I don't tend to fall. I'm very good at catching myself, and I've never slipped on water before. So I really don't know why that particular puddle at Chipotle caused such a fall, but I do know that they seriously need to get new tray returns because having the full weight of your body fall on one arm that hits that narrow edge is seriously painful.

Thankfully after tons of icing, I woke up this morning to (finally) no pain, which means we don't have to worry about any cracked or otherwise traumatized bones. However it was quite a shock and completely wiped me out all of yesterday.

Oh well. I suppose it'll give me good material next time I have to write about someone getting injured in my book. Which will probably happen.

Good news? I got to stop by Half Price Books yesterday and FINALLY found another volume of Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men. This was #4 (Unstoppable) which is my favorite. Or second favorite because I really love TORN too... oh well. There were also a ton of classics on sale so I picked up several of them too.

Best news? MY SISTER COMES HOME TODAY! She's been in Europe for six weeks on a mission trip and for the last few days has actually been just three miles away from the center of the riots in Tottenham, England. She and her leaders have written several times to assure us that they are all okay, but still, I am VERY glad that she's not staying over there any longer.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't invite Captain Jack to Dinner

Remember the Meme my friend Amanda and I filled out the other day?

She insisted I illustrate question #7.

An Unconventional Dinner by ~Elenatintil on deviantART

And the Sorting Hat says...

I was browsing around on DeviantART and found this Hogwarts House test on Alceea's journal. It seemed like a pretty good test to me (some are pretty lame) so I thought I'd give it a try.


• [x] You are loud.

• [x] You liked going to school to see your friends.

• [ ] You've had more than a couple detentions.

• [x ] You always have something to do on the weekends.

• [ x] You like to be the center of attention.

• [x] You get above average grades in school.

• [x ] You've been called bossy before.

• [] You're a bit of a daredevil / you like an adrenaline rush.

• [] You are athletic.

• [ ] You are one of the best players on your team.

• [x] You would do anything for your loved ones.

• [x] You like the colour red.

• [x] Your favourite class is Transfiguration or DADA.

• [] You would never break a promise.



• [x] You have many acquaintances, but only a handful of good friends.

• [] You get average grades in school.

• [ ] You've been called boring before.

• [ ] You don't like to brag about your achievements.

• [x] You value honesty.

• [x] You don't mind working hard to get what you want.

• [ ] You like the colour yellow.

• [] You have a job.

• [] You are athletic.

• [ ] You are a team player.

• [ ] You are in the middle of the social totem pole.

• [x] You are easily amused.

• [x] You like helping others.

• [ ] Your favorite class is Herbology or Divination.

• [ ] You like the music played on the radio best.



• [x] You get good grades in school.

• [x] You like to read.

• [x] Dumb people annoy you.

• [x] You are creative.

• [x] You've been called a know-it-all before.

• [x] You would say your intelligence level is higher than most.

• [x] You hate cheating.

• [x] People often want you to help them with homework or projects.

• [x] You are more into the creative arts: theatre, dancing, drawing, etc.

• [] You are extremely logical in your way of thinking.

• [x] You are considered shy or quiet by people you don't know.

• [x] You like the colour blue.

• [] Your favourite class is A History of Magic, Charms, or Care of Magical Creatures.

• [x] You tend to over analyze things.

• [x] You can focus and pay attention well.



• [x] You are very competitive.

• [x] You like the finer things in life.

• [] You think welfare is a waste.

• [x] You've made fun of someone in the past week.

• [] You've been called a snob before.

• [x] You think the end justifies the means. (If it's the right end)

• [x] You're not afraid to say something to someone else's face.

• [] You tend to think people are a bit jealous of you.

• [] You've made someone cry by just saying something to them.

• [] You tend to root for the villains in movies, books, etc.

• [x] You are very good with words.

• [] Above all, you want to be successful in life.

• [ x] You like the colour green.

• [x] You love to win.

• [x] Your favourite class is Potions or DADA


Hmmm... That's a pretty solid Ravenclaw. What do you think? Am I Ravenclaw? What are you?

We'll find out OFFICIALLY in a few weeks when Pottermore goes live! (Yes, I got in as a beta user... just waiting for my welcome letter now!)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Things that make the new life official

- Getting asked directions by campus visitors. It's strange to think that they had no idea I'd only been here a week... I had a double take before I could collect my thoughts and point them in the right direction.

- Trying every first... blender, vacuum cleaner, tea kettle, toaster, stove...

- Doing the first load of laundry. It costs $1.25 to wash and dry a load... but the dryer only gets it mostly dry, not all dry. So it really will probably end up being $1.50 per load.

- Making a cup of coffee and sitting down to do my first writing in my apartment... I got two pages done!

- Going shopping and getting asked my address by store clerks... and giving them my new address!

- Actually returning an item to the library.

- Cleaning the apartment for the first time. (I've been here long enough to clean it!)

- Finally meeting one of my next door neighbors.

- Taking the bus around town, successfully transfering and not missing a single connection.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Of Bob the Tomato, Han Solo and Bellatrix Lestrange...

I got a comment on my last version of this earlier today, and after re-reading the whole post to refresh my memory as to what the comment was actually talking about (this was almost two years ago!), I decided to indulge in the fun again! My dear friend Amanda (who got me into the whole thing in the first place) agreed to do it with me, and we had a blast choosing the characters and reacting to the scenarios.

The BOLD is the question
The ITALIC is me
The REGULAR is Amanda

First, list twelve characters from any fandom, then answer the questions below.

1. Katniss Everdeen

2. Ron Weasley

3. Count Dracula

4. Bella Swan

5. Bob the Tomato

6. Rapunzel

7. Captain Jack Harkness

8. Han Solo

9. King Arthur

10. Bellatrix Lestrange

11. Edward Scissorhands

12. Elizabeth Swann

1. Who would make a better collage prof, 6 or 11?
Rapunzel or Edward Scissorhands? Hmmm... I vote Rapunzel. She has so much knowledge from just studying everything all the time, plus she’s FUN!
I think I’ll have to agree that Rapunzel would make a better college prof... Edward is cool enough to interest students initially, but he’s so quiet that they’d probably end up ignoring him anyhow. Rapunzel, however, would make all the boring subjects fun by singing about them.

2. Do you think #2 is hot?
Ron Weasley... I loved him in the book, but wasn’t too keen on Rupert Grint until.... THE BEARD AND THE LONG HAIR! OMG! SERIOUSLY! ;)
I’m sorry Ron, but I don’t think you’re hot. The red hair is adorable... but nah, not my type.
You haven’t seen movie #8 though, have you?
Hold on while I find a picture... SEE???? It’s even more awesome in action.

3. 12 sends 8 out on a mission. What is it? Does it succeed?
Since when is Han Solo going on missions for Elizabeth Swann? Huh, she must be paying him a lot...

Somehow I don’t think Han would agree to do anything Elizabeth asked him... well, unless there was a lot of money involved and she kissed him. Hmm, then I could see him agreeing.
Yeah but then he’d die, because everyone always dies after Elizabeth kisses them.
Well then I guess that answers the question of whether or not it would succeed! So nope, the mission doesn’t succeed.

4. What is or what would be 9's favorite book?
King Arthur would read... um...
Well lets see, if he had any book in the world to choose from and not just the ones from his time period...
Harry Potter for sure. Probably LOTR and Narnia too. I’m sure he’d chuckle over “The Once and Future King”
haha yes, I bet he’d get a kick out of Arthurian literature.

5. Would it make more sense: for 2 to swear fealty to 6, or the other way around?
Oh Ron would swear fealty to Rapunzel, no question.
Awwww, Ron would totally swear fealty to Rapunzel.
Hermione would have to get a little worried, even.
Yeah, and I think Ron could give Flynn a run for his money.
Especially now that he’s got that snazzy hair and beard option!
Oooohhh yeah!

6. For some reason, 5 is looking for a roommate. Should (s)he room with 9 or 10?
I would really advise Bob NOT to go with Bellatrix Lestrange. Bad idea, Bob. Sorry.
Oh my gosh... if Bob were to room with Bellatrix, that wold be a really bad idea. Haha, at least though Bellatrix would figure that Bob was some magical thing and not freak out quite as much as Arthur would at the sight of a talking tomato.
Are you kidding me? Tomato soup would totally be the next item on the Lestrange dinner menu.
And Arthur would yell witchcraft and chop Bob in half... Bob, single rooms are the way to go.

7. 2, 7 and 12 are going out to dinner. Where do they go and what do they discuss?
Ron, Captain Jack Harkness and Elizabeth? Oh boy, if anything gets said beyond Jack hitting on Elizabeth, let me know. Seriously.
That would be one - really - interesting - dinner. Wow. Yeah, without the Doctor there to shut Jack up I don’t think much else would get discussed, because I don’t see Elizabeth refusing the attention or Ron doing anything other than sitting there and listening awkwardly.
And it’s Captain Jack so he might make things more awkward by hitting on Ron... oh dear, this would not be a good dinner at all.
Oh my... not at all. Okay, who let these three slip through security and go out to dinner? Dumbledore, pay attention to your students, Doctor... get a hold on Jack... Will, control your fiancee!

8. 3 challenges 10 to a duel, who wins?
Oh man! Epic duel of the century... Count Dracula and Bellatrix Lestrange???? CAN I HAVE FRONT ROW SEATS (behind bullet/spell/vampire proof glass, of course)
I’ll bring popcorn. And a wooden stake. And... um... Molly Weasley.
Sounds like a good plan. I think they’ll both end up dead...
Remember though, Bella has a wooden wand... plus I think she’d stand a decent chance of winning... I mean she has a wider range of magic than Dracula has vampire-y powers.
That is very true. If ever in our wildest dreams this happens, I’ll remember to bet on Bellatrix.

9. If 1 stole 8's most precious possession, would (s)he get it back?
OH OH OH! Katniss, you’d BETTER not steal the Millennium Falcon!
Oh man... I think that might end up being more than even Katniss could handle.
Yeah, she’s tough but... getting between Han Solo and his ship? Bad move, girl.

10. Suggest a story title in which 7 and 12 both attain what they desire.
HAHAHAHA... wow... okay... well, first off I don’t know if that’s a book I’d want to read because it’d be so complicated!
It would involve lots of guns, swords, kissing, and mythological creatures that are actually aliens. What was the word you used... yeah, complicated.
The book title “It’s Complicated”

11. What kind of plot device would you have to use if you wanted 1 and 4 to work together?
Katniss and Bella Swan... oooh! I know! Send them to a therapy group for girls dealing with having two guys in love with them.
HAHAHA... I’m going to have to second that.
So I have a serious question for you. Team Peeta or Team Gale?
Oohh.... hmm, I have to admit I was Team Gale for a good deal of the time, because after all he was there first. But then after the third book when he ...did some things I didn’t agree with... okay, I was still Team Gale ‘cause I liked him better and he was there first!
Was he really there first? Remember Katniss was awfully young when she first met Peeta... oh well, it’s been a few months since I read the books. Anyhow, I’m TEAM PEETA ALL THE WAY!
Eh, yeah, Peeta was there first. drat... hey, did you say there was a therapy group for people who can’t choose between two guys?
Yeah, I’ll give you the number.

12. If 7 visited you for the weekend, how would it go?
Uuuuuum..... I don’t know if I should answer this. My subconscious has a serious but inexplicable crush on Captain Jack Harkness.
I’m just gonna say that I don’t know if I’d open the door... I mean, Captain Jack is great... but I do have a boyfriend and I don’t want him getting jealous.
I’ll tell you what you do. You give him my address and send him to MY door! Oh wait... is that a good idea?
Well... I don’t know... How about I send him to your door and let you decide if you want to answer it or not?
Again I ask... is that wise? On the other hand. I COULD use him to track down the Doctor and the Tardis...
Then in that case I shall send him to your door and come along to chaperon!
Good plan!

13. If you could command 3 to perform any service or task for you, what would it be?
I would command Count Dracula to please go far, far away and not kill me and my family or my friends.
Well, I have heard that Dracula knows the X-Men. So I’d ask him to lead me to Utopia in exchange for... um... I’d think of something. Power or blood or information... ya know, the usual.
I’d offer him a chance to kill Edward Cullen and avenge the vampire reputation.
Seriously? Edward is so overpowered he would kill Dracula. Sad, but true.
Sad day.

14. Does anyone on your friends list write or draw 11?
I’m sure someone does. I have some friends who are into both Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.
Yeah, I’m sure someone at my school has at least doodled him.

15. If 2 had to choose sides between 4 and 5, what side would (s)he choose?

Ron choose between Bella and Bob? Difficult. I have this sneaking suspicion he’d go with Bob though...especially once he heard that Bellatrix Lestrange had tried to kill poor Bob and make him into soup.
I think that.... ooh, well if Hermoine was around then Ron would probably choose Bob. haha, Hermoine would probably talk him into starting a society to defend talking tomatoes.
Totally! And Ron, having grown into a very wise young man, would totally support her.

16. What might 10 shout out while charging into battle?
FOR THE DARK LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AVADA KADAVERA! and then waver her wand all over the place and kill as many people as possible.
Yeah, that too.

17. If you had to choose a song to best describe 8, what would it be?
Okay, this is gonna sound weird but... you know how Han falls for Leia before she falls for him? And he keeps hitting on her and whatever? Well that makes me think of “Marian the Librarian” from Music Man.
Now I really want to see a singing, dancing Han Solo.

18. 1, 6 and 12 are having a dim sum at a Chinese Restaurant. There is only one scallion pancake left, and they all reach for it at the same time. Who gets it?
Katniss, Rapunzel and Elizabeth Swann? Katniss, no contest.
Rapunzel. She shoots out her hair and grabs it before anyone else can.
But then Katniss jumps on the table, quick as anything, and uses her knife to cut Rapunzel’s hair off!
And while they are fighting and cutting hair, Elizabeth sneaks it and eats it before the realized what happened.

19. What would be a good pickup line for 2 to say to 10?
OH. My. GOSH! Ron Weasley with a pickup line for Bellatrix Lestrange??!?!!?!
“So...uh... you look like death. Er, I mean, deathly beautiful! Yeah! You’re deathly beautiful! Why are you looking me like that? No! Seriously! I think you’re gorgeous! Wanna get a butterbeer at -- why are you getting your wand out --- AHHHHH” *dies*

20. What would 5 most likely be arrested for?
Bob? Get arrested? The only thing he’d get arrested for is following the rules too scrupulously.
Well, he did get arrested in “The Star of Christmas” for stealing... but that was in character.
Yeah, I can’t see BOB, THE BOB stealing...

21. What is 6's secret?
She has magic hair! That glows! And shines! And... does magic-y stuff. But wait, you knew that. So it’s not a secret. Bother...
Her secret is... she actually IS Mother Gothel’s daughter!
Poor Mother Gothel. I loved the Disney version, but I prefer the retellings where Mother Gothel is portrayed in a more sympathetic light.

22. If 11 and 9 were racing to a destination, who would get there first?
King Arthur, I think. Cuz, you know, horses.
Hmm, probably King Arthur. Edward Scissorhands could cut his way through any leafy obstacles, but yeah, Arthur has the horses.

23. If you had to walk home through a bad neighborhood late at night, who would you feel more comfortable walking with, 7 or 8?
Captain Jack Harkness or Captain Han Solo... OH MAN I CAN’T CHOOSE!
OH boy... well, as long as Jack has his teleport thingy, and his squarness gun... I actually think I’d feel a little safer with Jack. Although, the question says safe, not comfortable. If Jack started hitting on me... hmm, okay, I’d feel more comfortable with Han.
Here I’ve got the advantage in that I’ve watched Torchwood (ADULT SHOW, NOT FOR THE KIDDIES), and Jack actually is a lot calmer there. He radiates this sort of peace and protection, he’s very fatherly towards his team and I really like that. Han is just much more cocky --- Jack may ACT cocky, but he’s got so much wisdom and experience that he isn’t ACTUALLY cocky. So I guess knowing all that, I’d go with Jack.
Hmm, okay. I’ll take your word for it then!

24. 1 and 9 reluctantly team up to save the world from the threat posed by 4's sinister secret organization. 11 volunteers to help them,but it is later discovered that s/he is actually a spy for 4. Meanwhile, 4 has kidnapped 12 in an attempt to force their surrender. Following the wise advice of 5, they seek out 3, who gives them what they need to complete their quest. What title would you give this fic?

Katniss and King Arthur team up to save the world from Bella Swan. Edward Scissorshands offers to help them, but then they discover he’s a SPY for Bella! (Because she has a thing for all guys named Edward). Meanwhile Bella has kidnapped Elizabeth Swann to force her surrender... and you know, for stealing her name! Katniss and Arthur seek the advice of Bob the Tomato who gives them Bible verses that somehow lead them to Count Dracula... who says that Bella can be defeated by driving a stake through her heart. Which actually doesn’t work, so Dracula does more research and realizes that Bella is another kind of vampire and needs to be ripped into pieces. So King Arthur takes Excalibur and hacks her up and Katniss starts a fire and burns the pieces. They rescue Elizabeth Swann who then runs off to find her true love, Captain Jack Har--- oh wait, that’s a different story.
Okay... a title for this.... I’m thinking..
The Rise and Fall of the Vampire Swan
I like that! Alright, now go and make that an actual story!
What is there left to say? I mean besides dialogue and description and motivations and inner mologues and kissing... oh wait, other story again.