Monday, August 22, 2011

The Wedding of River Song

This is an episode title, so I'm not considering it a spoiler.

And yes, folks, this has been revealed as the name of the final episode of season 6.

Frankly? I'm furious. Why? Because I actually do want to see River Song have a proper wedding. However every single episode prior to this with a suggestive title (The Doctor's Daughter, the Next Doctor, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, The Doctor's Wife) has been, to some extent, a cheat. Oh, Jenny and Idris were great characters, no doubt. I definitely want to see both of them again.

But... River Song... possibly my all time favorite Dr. Who character. Seriously. My expectations here are so high, I don't know HOW the Moff could possibly meet them. Furthermore I'm sure he's not even going to try.

I mean, the last time we got an episode titled "The Wedding of..." it turned out to be, well, involving evil aliens and in the end there was no wedding.

Besides, how could you release a title like that and then actually follow it? There has to be some twist, right?

Or maybe there's not. Maybe... maybe we actually will see River Song's wedding.

However just the fact that this title has been released makes me seriously doubt that, if she actually marries anyone, it's actually the Doctor.

Or IS it? Of COURSE Moffatt knows that we've been teased far too many times about these titles. He knows we're gun shy. So he totally could feel confident in naming a straight forwards episode with a straight forwards title and know that we will not, at all, be expecting it.

You know, a double cross sort of thing.

I don't know, even that seems too simple for Mr. Steven Moffatt.

And now I have to wait almost two months to find out the truth. Seriously. I'm majorly ticked off here.

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Rose said...

After reading this, it makes me impatient to see it also!