Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movie Quote Trivia

Because they're just so fun...

What I've done: Picked quotes (usually with the help of IMDB) from some of my new favorite movies and TV shows. Some shows/movies are used multiple times.

What you have to do: Correctly identify as many of the quotes as possible, using your little gray cells, NOT a search engine!

1. Doctor, I'm takin' your sister under my protection here. If anything happens to her, anything at all, I swear to you, I will get very choked up. Honestly, there could be tears.
~Serenity, guessed by Carpe

2. I am a dentist, not Rambo.

3. This is literature? A two year old could have written this!
~Despicable Me, guessed by Portia

4. "So what type of combat training do you have?"
"Fencing" ~Star Trek, guessed by Maria

5. This is a fertile land, and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land, and we will call it... This Land.
~Firefly, guessed by Carpe

6. "Stella just talked to me. A dog just spoke to me!"
"You know, if you are going to let every little thing bother you, it is going to be a very long night!"
~The Princess and the Frog, guessed by Trina

7. He saves planets, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures... and runs a lot. Seriously, there is an outrageous amount of running involved.
~Doctor Who, guessed by Turtegiel

8. "You're too young! You've no experience. You're like a china doll, walking over a precipice..."
"Well then I must smash! For it's too late to mend my ways now." ~ The Young Victoria, guessed by Shieldmaiden of the Shire

9. My sister has met the author and she wants to read it for herself to see if he's an idiot or not.
~Bright Star, guessed by R.A.

10. "And I never back down from a fight."
"Yes, you do! You do all the time!"
"Well... yeah, but I'm not backing down from this one!"
~Firefly, guessed by Carpe

11. "Why are you always so suspicious?"
"Should I answer chronologically or alphabetically?"
~Sherlock Holmes, guessed by Turtegiel

12. "Hey, you got yourself a fish biscuit! How'd you do that?"
"Figured out your complicated gizmos, thats how."
"It only took the bears two hours."
~Lost, guessed by Clare

13. "The warden tells me that your sentence was carried out by a firing squad at 1000 hours. How'd that go?"
"It tickled."
~ Wolverine, guessed by Carpe (and very appropriately too, I knew he was going to get this one!)

14. "Hey, let's play a game. It's called "see who can be quiet the longest."
"Cool! My mom loves that game!" ~UP - guessed by Maria.

15. "Ohh my baby, with her entire life ahead of her!"
"Oh *please*, I'm getting married, I'm not joining a convent!"

16. "I was... listen, I was confused by the topography and... the geography and choreography..."
"First rule the Bayou: don't take directions from a gator."
- The Princess and the Frog, guessed by Trina

17. "You...are my beautiful sister."
"I... I threw up on your bed."
"Yup. Definitely my sister."
~Firefly, guessed by Carpe

18. "I could wear a pointy hat."
~Merlin, guessed by Valia

19. "The Man from Tallahassee? What is that some kind of code?"
"No John, unfortunately we don't have a code for "there is a man in my closet holding a gun to my daughter's head". Although we obviously should."
~Lost, guessed by Clare

20. "You must be wondering why I brought you here."
"Actually sir, after all these years I just sort of go with it." ~ Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, guessed by Shieldmaiden of the Shire


Rose said...

4. Star Trek.
Kirk is asking Sulu the question.

14. Up.
Mr. Fredrickson (sp) is talking to the little boy (I don't remember his name.)


Emily Starr said...

8. The Young Victoria
Sir John Conroy is speaking to Victoria.

Emily Starr said...

20. Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince
These lines are spoken towards the beginning of the movie when Dumbledore is talking to Harry Potter

Clare said...

12 and 19 are from LOST.

Tee hee. I love Sawyer. And Ben may be creepy sometimes, but he has wit. :)

Andy Hauge said...

I CLAIM THE FIREFLY QUOTES! Lol. Hopefully nobody beat me to them.

1. Serenity (the movie)

5. Serenity (Firefly episode)

10. Shindig (Firefly episode)

13. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Ah, good memories!)

17. Uh.....this one's a Firefly episode too...don't remember the name. Alas.

Katrina said...

6 and 16 are Princess and the Frog!

The Fair Maiden Turtegiel said...

7. is this Dr. Who?

11. SHERLOCK HOLMES!!!!!!!!! :D

R. A. said...

9 is Bright Star! <3

Mara said...

3 is from Despicable Me!!!!!!!!

I love that movie.

Valia said...

#18 looks rather familiar. I don't suppose it would happen to be from Merlin?