Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Bad, the Good and the Best.

I fully intended to get a blog post up yesterday, but arm injuries, even ones on your left arm, tend to make that a bit problematic.

Now let's make something clear, I don't tend to fall. I'm very good at catching myself, and I've never slipped on water before. So I really don't know why that particular puddle at Chipotle caused such a fall, but I do know that they seriously need to get new tray returns because having the full weight of your body fall on one arm that hits that narrow edge is seriously painful.

Thankfully after tons of icing, I woke up this morning to (finally) no pain, which means we don't have to worry about any cracked or otherwise traumatized bones. However it was quite a shock and completely wiped me out all of yesterday.

Oh well. I suppose it'll give me good material next time I have to write about someone getting injured in my book. Which will probably happen.

Good news? I got to stop by Half Price Books yesterday and FINALLY found another volume of Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men. This was #4 (Unstoppable) which is my favorite. Or second favorite because I really love TORN too... oh well. There were also a ton of classics on sale so I picked up several of them too.

Best news? MY SISTER COMES HOME TODAY! She's been in Europe for six weeks on a mission trip and for the last few days has actually been just three miles away from the center of the riots in Tottenham, England. She and her leaders have written several times to assure us that they are all okay, but still, I am VERY glad that she's not staying over there any longer.

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Abigail Rogers said...

So sorry to hear about your arm!

Wow, your sister was on a missions trip in England? How exciting! But I understand your worries. I have friends in Liverpool who live not far from some rioting, and I've been a bit apprehensive.

Best Wishes!