Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Wedding - Part 2.5 (The Legos)

If you read Matt's post, then you already know about this gift, but it's worth mentioning twice, due to supreme coolness factor. Very early on I told him that he was allowed to bypass the official gift registry and get me something Lego. Matt, being a very awesome "big brother" LOVES surpassing anything like expectations and filling me with delight with his Lego presents. This one was special even by Matt standards.

Yes, he gave us a geek's dream wedding... in Lego! Guarded by Buckingham guards! With a special printed lego sign!

Guests include Loki, Ironman, Sherlock Holmes and Gandalf!

Our ceremony is officiated by Elrond, my bridesmaid is Arwen (!) and our
ringbearer is... FRODO!

But look! Best Man Luke Skywalker has his lightsaber drawn, and Han Solo
seems to be distracted... and not by Darth Vader! What is it?

Uh oh, Boba Fett is gate crashing! Thankfully the Musketeer has it handled.
And if his sword doesn't do the trick, I'm sure Harry and Draco will whip out
their wands and do some wizardly badass magic!
So I majorly geeked out over this, despite my migraine. Nathan and I have laid out our living room to include space for a designated Lego display cabinet - we just have to get over to Ikea to pick one up!


Matthew Bowman said...

And to think I was actually worried it might not live up to your expectations.

Thank you! And your presentation is better than what I'd come up with for when I got around to making a Facebook gallery. Maybe I'll just let you handle that. :)

Elora said...

That is SO cute!!! And I'd be so proud to have Frodo and Stark and Boba Fett presiding--oh gosh. I'd be tickled silly to get that as a present. How awesome!

Unknown said...

That is pretty awesome. I love the cape on the wedding dress and the fact that Sherlock homes is inspecting Ironman