Friday, January 31, 2014

The Wedding - Part 2 (The Ceremony and Reception)

(Didn't catch part 1? See it here!)

First released photo from our photographer...
I promise, I really am dying of a migraine here!
Folks, when we left off, I was out on the porch with a terrific migraine. I had a puke bucket besides me and everything. Yet despite that, we made plans to go ahead with the ceremony... just slightly abbreviated.

The program Hannah designed for us.
We moved the hymns to before and after the ceremony, so I wouldn't have to deal with the stimulation. That was kind of sad because I really love hymns, but there was no way I could have managed to get through all of them - even though "How Firm a Foundation" "Be Thou My Vision" and "Take My Life and Let it Be" are some of my very favorites.

Nathan escorts his mother in, to the tune of "Children of
the Heavenly Father."

Nathan's sister and her husband enter (and yes, baby is in there too!)
The Wedding Party made their walk down the aisle to the music from the hymn "For the Beauty of the Earth." You may recognize it from another wedding - that of Meg March in the Winona Ryder version of "Little Women."

Anticipation growing...

All six groomsmen are there!

All six bridesmaids are there! (and trying not to cry)

The doors are dramatically closed...

The music changes... "Stars and Butterflies" from Pride and Prejudice begins...

Entrance of the Bride!

No words needed.

It was very important to me to have both of my parents escort me down the aisle. From being my advocate after I lost my hearing at age four, to taking on extra work to take care of me when my health problems struck in my 20's, my mother has gone far beyond the call of duty. I wouldn't be who I am today without both of my parents being exceptionally nuturing, supportive and protective, and for me, I wanted both of them to be with me, ushering me into this new phase of my life. 

(This is not in any way to disparage any brides who choose a more traditional route... my choice was not at all normal and hey, I like being unique. My mother would have been fine either way, although she was very honored that I asked her.)

It turned out to be even more of a blessing than expected... I was so weak and nauseous, I don't think I could have gotten down the aisle without the support of both parents!

Yes, my dress does actually have a long and lovely train, but with my headache it was too much to bother with, so we just left the bustle up the whole time. There are two other times this year when I'll be able to wear the dress again, and we'll get the whole train then!

"Who gives this woman to be married?"

"Take care of my baby girl!!!" (no, he didn't actually say it... verbally...)

Chairs to accommodate the bride, although our pastor claims they were
to make it easier on his "elderly" body. 

What symbol of our love and devotion do we have?

Rings of course!

I thank everyone.
I knew that I might not make it to the reception, and I wanted to make sure I had a chance to properly thank everyone, so after the rings were exchanged and our vows made, I was helped over to the mike where I made a short speech (I told you I love speeches!). It was the one time that I got to look out and really see everyone who was there, which was very special for me.

"You may kiss the bride!"

And yes, one of my friends videoed the kiss...

And those of you with sharp ears might be able to identify our recessional... yes, it is "He's a Pirate" from "Pirates of the Caribbean."

Mini Cupcakes! There was also a Gluten Free table which people were strictly warned about...

Time to party! Nathan and I worked with my doctor for over an hour to try to get me up to going into the room. In the end, however, I was just too nauseous to make it in. However, during this time, my doctor reached a major breakthrough in understanding how my headaches work and why they aren't typical migraines - a scenario that would never have occurred under normal office visit circumstances.

We told everyone to go on without us, and they did! Our best man and maid of honor made speeches, they played the slideshow and our soundtrack, and all of our guests were given the opportunity to record video messages for us. We had TONS of them, that we can now rewatch for the rest of our lives! Highlights included my bridesmaids singing "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" which I have always thought should be sung at my wedding, my former musical directors serenading us with "Sunrise Sunset", greetings from the kids I used to nanny, and one of our guests reciting the "Don't Blink" speech from Doctor Who. (There was also the oompa loompa song, but we're not going to talk about that.)

In addition to Hannah, Vicki and Amanda, three of my other girlfriends joined in to set up the reception hall, and they did a marvelous job!

The centerpieces were the result of a lot of helping hands, and my grandfather putting his woodsmen skills to good use foraging through the forest to find the perfect branches!

The butter was a rose!
Forum monikers, L-R, Doctor Bowman, Carpe Guitterm, Princess at Heart,
Lady Victoria Sehnrab, Froggy, Lady Rose, Liz, and - okay David's not on
the forum, but his younger sisters are!

Who would have dreamed when I started the forum so many years ago that so many of it's members would come from across the nation to attend my wedding? And many more of them were there in spirit - what a blessing!

Nathan thanks everyone for coming.
At last Nathan and I had to conceed that I was not going to be able to handle the noise and lights in the reception, so Nathan went and said thank you and goodbye to everyone, and my family came out to wish me goodbye. Then I pulled on my cape (we were now wearing our matching "Fanboy" and "Fangirl" t-shirts, engagement presents courtesy of Matt) and my groom whisked me away... finally puke in our toilet as soon as we got to our apartment.

What a wedding day! Thankfully I started feeling better soon after that, and the honeymoon was quite a bit smoother than the wedding! But that's for the next post! (Well, after the Lego!)


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