Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gushings of a Modern Housewife

Tomorrow I'll have been married 3 weeks. It's still fun to be taking care of my new house. Wise older women, chuckle away! I know it'll become harder as time goes on, but for now the littlest things are fun.

(On a side note, I think it's interesting how stay-at-home moms have adopted social media and pinterest in particular to stay connected, and gain fresh ideas and encouragement for maintaining their homes and raising their kids. True, there are downsides of envy, feeling inadequate, and procrastination, but when used properly I think it's pretty cool!)

Tablecloth ironing!

My man, hanging up the curtain rod.

The living room, decorated and clean!

Geeky wedding gifts

My kitchen, complete with new curtain!

Growing lettuce from a left-over stem.

Lampshade cover in progress

Lettuce gets bigger!

Major couponing adventure last night resulted in a VERY full fridge!
 Nathan will do whatever kitchen work/food prep I ask, but planning the meals is definitely my strength. It's been a challenge to come up with menus and get all of the ingredients, but I'm getting better! It was a bit mortifying to have two recipes (a pudding and a soup) fail in a row, since normally my cooking is pretty good, but I managed to save the soup from it's excess of garlic, and the chicken I made the next night was a roaring success.
Every day I get a bit more put in order, but the craft room remains a work in

I've always wanted a washing pitcher, and we found this adorable little one
on our honeymoon for under $5 at an antique store!

A bit of beauty at the top of a bookcase.

A look at the other side of the living room, Nathan's ship on display.


Anonymous said...

I've been married for 9 months now and my craft room is still in a state of disarray! I'm working on it....slowly :P
Setting up a home is so much fun! I still enjoy changing things around every so often. My husband and I have re-arranged our living room several times already!

Love your geeky wedding gifts :)

Elora said...

So happy for you! How exciting! And the Doctor Who gifts--AWESOME. And I'll have to try that lettuce trick--never thought of it! How cool. I'll have to tell my mom. Thanks. This should be fun--we already do green onions.