Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gift to me, Gift to you, Gift to the planet...

Writing and sewing are rather on hold as I am still working to make our apartment livable! Today I finally got around to sorting through five bags/boxes of tissue paper and other wrapping supplies we'd saved from our showers, wedding and Christmas. I think we'll be set for awhile, don't you?

The rest of the family was all set to crumple up the tissue paper and throw it away at Christmas, until I wailed "No! Give it to me! I'll save it!" My uncle gave me a hard time after that, delighting in folding each piece with exaggerated precision. Ah well, reusing tissue paper (judiciously, of course, there comes a point!) is one of those money-saving tricks I love. Especially with the price of such things these days - !!!

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