Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Education (Mine, not the movie)

My life seems to be one big example of never planning anything in detail. Not because details are bad (I think they are very very good), but because God always seems to come in and change everything. Perhaps a better way to say this would be "never get attached to your life plans."

I had a plan once. That plan was to finish my English Literature and Writing degree before my 21st birthday. I was on the track to do it too. Then a lot of things happened and my whole life turned upside down and suddenly I had absolutely no use for college anymore.

"Goodbye college. You're silly and absolutely not right for me and just forget you!"

Or something like that.

It was an unusual decision, but so absolutely what I needed to do and I do not regret that decision. In the years since I left school I've been able to direct a play, costume a musical, be in another musical; write, direct and produce a feature length film; nanny and tutor the children of my favorite author for three months; finish a novel and start submitting it for publication; start an e-magazine that is well into it's second year; start a costuming business; and learn so many invaluable life lessons.

I thought I finally had everything together. It wasn't going to be easy, but I had a life plan.


Seven weeks ago God started laying a certain university on my heart. It was a school that a friend of mine had nearly gone too, and where I have a cousin currently enrolled. It was also in a location where I had pretty much vowed never to live. But for some reason I felt really, really strongly that I needed to check this school out.

So one morning I went online and did research. Lo and behold but this school had exactly the right major for me. Apparel Design.

See the one thing I had learned over the years away from school was that if I ever (for some bizarre reason) went back, I absolutely had to do a hands on major. This Apparel Design major fit the bill exactly.

After that everything started falling in place. I discussed the idea with my parents and grandparents and they were 110% in support of it. It surprised them all, but they saw the wisdom of it and of course were thrilled that I was considering going back to school.

So just a few weeks later we went up to visit the school. It was absolutely amazing. We loved the campus, and we were floored by how wonderful all the people were that we met. I came home and immediately the college started peppering me with handwritten notes. I had applied the day after our return, so every day I would check the mail box and find another piece of mail telling me how they hoped I would consider their school... but all I wanted was my acceptance letter!

(It was, however, pretty amazing when the head of the Apparel department sent me a handwritten note. THAT one is going in my keep-forever box.)

Then, this Monday, the letter arrived.

So next fall I am going back to college! It's going to be crazy, awesome, challenging and adventurous! And I absolutely cannot wait! all I have to do is apply for Scholarships and work like crazy so I can actually afford it. But I have complete confidence that God is going to lead me through this, because it is completely his plan, not mine.


Elven Maiden said...

You must be thrilled! :D

Unknown said...

You never say what school it is or where it is. I really want to know! I'm happy for you, and know that God will bless your efforts and I know that those who get to know you at "that school" will be blessed too! --Lois Elrod

Hannah Liz said...

Elena, that's AWESOME!!!!!!! That's SO exciting!!!! I'll be praying for you! :) :)
Btw, speaking of plans a saying I found very helpful in life is this: "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans." I thought of it as I was reading your post on how you "had a life plan." ;)
But I'm so excited for you! That major definetly suits you. :) :)

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Thank you all so much!

Yes, I don't mention the name of the school on purpose. I want to protect my future privacy. However if you have my private e-mail address (or are on the forum or facebook) and want to ask me more about it, feel free! I'll be happy to fill you in on details. :)

Andy Hauge said...

Fantastic! I do love how plans just go crazy and awry at the right moments. ;) I've experienced stuff like that as well...all sorts of little things that I would've never seen coming in the slightest.

It's also funny how you'll be going off to college just as I'm graduating and off doing some sort of job...

...or at least, that's the plan.

Elarinya said...

That's amazing! I'm so happy for you! You sound so excited and I'm sure you'll love every minute of it!

Victoria Rose said...

Congrats, Elena! I'm soooooo happy for you. I'm still don't know what I want to major in - Early Childhood Edu. for now - but what you said about the hands on major kind of struck me. I love working with my hands (sewing, crafts, ect.), and I really haven't found a major that TRULY interests me. Anyway, keep us posted! I'm sure you're going to have a great experience. Who knows, this adventure may lead you to Mr. Right. ;)


Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Ooooh, you should come join my major and be my roommate, Vicki! ;)

And yeah... wouldn't complain if the adventure led in that direction.

Mary Bess said...

I'm so excited for you Elena, and I'm proud of you for having the courage to go back.

It's long been my opinion that our culture expects us to go to school way too early and decide how to spend the rest of our lives before we even really know who we are ourselves.

I'm glad you have found a major and a college that will help you become more effective at something you obviously love so much and are so gifted in.

I'll be praying for some scholarships that are "tailored" just for you to appear, and I have no doubts that they will. When He provides the will and and the opportunity, He provides the way as well. Isn't He good?!

Victoria Rose said...

@ Elena - LOL! That would be totally awesome and amazing!!! And we could help each other with our assignments! *sigh* Happy dreams. :) However, I think Rachel F. would very upset with me because we've been planning to be roomies at FUS for some time now. ;)


Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Ah, I couldn't take you away from Rachel. But if you ever decide FUS is too much $$, you could come up and join me for about half the price. ;)

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Mary Bess -- thank you so much for your kind words and prayers! They mean quite a lot to me. :)