Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Dangers of Ice

Winter really cannot decide whether it wants to be here or not. We got a light dumping of snow over New Years, then the temperature shot up into the 50's. Yesterday it plumetted again, covering the ground with slick, dangerous ice.

I happened to be unaware of just how bad the ice was on our driveway and ended up taking a rather nasty fall. Now normally when you fall on your behind it hurts and then you get over it, but this appears to be something a bit more problematic. Even though I was able to see my chiropractor right away, my pain got worse, not better.  Of course to deal with it I'm supposed to ice my neck, but seriously it is far too cold for that! Ah well.

The worst part about neck injuries is that they don't just hurt, they also screw up a lot of other things because of how many nerve endings are connected in there. So emotionally things are kind of messed up too.

I guess I'm just taken by surprise, really. Overall my health has been improving and I've been getting a lot of stuff done. A setback like this is hard to swallow... and understand.

Just really hoping that it will end up not being so bad and the inflammation will go down and tomorrow will be a better day.

And I sincerely hope all of you watch your step carefully and avoid any similar mishaps!


Shaylynn said...

I saw your post on facebook... forgot to comment. I'm so sorry, this is a really weird/random thing to happen, on top of all your health problems! Praying for you!

Psmith said...

Wow, you are really getting beat up! You'll be a saint by the time this is over :D.
I hope you recover quickly!